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Jersey Post Office. Covers opening hours, tampering with mail, Post Office boxes, parcel sizes, English postage stamps, private mail services ( 1.1.1. )


Jersey Post

Extent: Jersey
Updated 20 January 2014

Post Office opening hours

1.  Main Post Office, Broad Street 
8.30 am to 5 pm           Monday to Friday 
9 am to 2 pm                Saturday 
Sub Post Offices vary, telephone the appropriate shop to check opening hours.

Tampering with mail

2.  It is a criminal offence to open mail not addressed to you or to destroy mail which is not yours. Police should be informed.

If client receives mail which is not for them, they should either re-address it and send it on OR give it back to postman (marked gone away or not known) - can be popped back in postbox if this is more convenient.

Post Office Boxes - lack of secrecy

3.  The owners of Post Office Box Numbers are not made aware on application that their ownership is not confidential.
The numbers and owners are listed for the public at the library and in publications. Also, if a client needs to know the identity of someone using a Box Number, they can telephone the Post Office and ask.

Postal rates in Jersey (from 08/05/10)

4. A new size-based pricing structure will replace weight-based pricing from 8th May 2010. For more information see

Small letter rates [up to 100g] :-

Local mail -next day delivery [priority]  48p
Mail to UK and other CI -                60p


5. This service from Jersey Post allows Jersey residents to buy from websites of major UK and European retailers where the retailer will not deliver to the island due to cost.

In order to use the delivery system a client needs to register at the Ship2me website prior to going online to buy anything.

The website address is:- Contact telephone number is 08458001034

The charges are £10 for a small item, £55 for a medium item and £150 for a large item.