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Extent: Jersey
Updated: 15 September 2016


Words you may need to know




Forefront – at the front of something

Independence - not under the control of anyone

Statute - law made by the State or government

JACS - The Jersey Advisory and Conciliation Service

Advisory - gives advice to

Conciliation - to work with two or more parties with the aim of bringing them to an agreement or reconciliation, especially in an industrial dispute

Reconciliation - the ending of conflict

Traditions – the way something has been done for a long time






JACS is the employment relations service and is available to help employers, employees and trade unions work together for the benefit of Jersey businesses and employees.


JACS' independence is guaranteed by statute and the States of Jersey passed the  Jersey Advisory and Conciliation (Jersey) Law  in March 2003.


JACS is available to:


·         Employees whether long-term residents or newer arrivals


·         Trade union officials or representatives


·         Employers of any number of employees


JACS builds on the best traditions of the Island in a fast changing global economy and is at the forefront of explaining the changes taking place in the workplace.


Please use the website of the Jersey Advisory and Conciliation Service (JACS) for all queries relating to the Employment (Jersey) Law 2003 and other employment issues see


A Guidelines booklet issued by JACS and the A-Z - A Handbook for Employers is available from Citizens Advice Jersey.


The following companies provide advice on meeting the Employment Law to employers and employees




Mary Curtis MA, Chartered FCIPD, CDir


Calmera Business Consultancy


Tel: 00 44 (1534) 853200






Clear Concepts Limited


June Summers Shaw


Cert Ed  BA Hons  Pg Cert Grad Dip Law  LLB. Hons
Telephone:  888076


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Law at Work [Channel Islands] Ltd


Telephone 887088


E-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






Peninsula Business (CI) Limited


No 1 Bond Street  Chambers.


St Helier. JE2 3NP


telephone 728551