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Air Passenger Duty and Passenger Service Charge

Extent: Jersey
Updated 18 November 2013

What is the addition to the basic airfare

1.  There is sometimes confusion regarding the charges added to airline tickets. It comprises of UK Air Passenger Duty [APD] and Passenger Service Charge (PSC).

UK Air Passenger Duty

2. Air Passenger Duty is an excise duty which is payable on all sectors of a journey originating from a UK airport. Standard rates are £10 for specified European destinations and £40 for all other destinations.

Passenger Service Charge

3.  This charge is levied by individual airports and varies depending on the airport in question.

4.  Jersey Airport's Passenger Service Charge [for 2006] is £5.50 per passenger for all passengers arriving or departing on an aircraft.

Refunds of Air Passenger Duty and Charges

5. Most airlines list APD and other charges separately from the basic fare on their tickets or internet booking confirmations. In many cases they will refund on request if the purchaser does not use the ticket-even if your ticket is otherwise non-refundable.