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Getting married in Jersey
(including marriage of couples living outside Jersey)

Extent: Jersey
Updated 16 January 2017

Words you may need to know


Applicant – someone who is asking for or making a request for something



Authenticity – the truth or validity of something


Civil marriage – a non-religious wedding in the Register Office or an approved premises


Clear day – a full 24 hour day with no interruptions in it


Facility – here, service or option


Formalities – necessary official processes or requirements


Format – form or order ie how the marriage ceremony will take place


Honorary – not paid, volunteer


Non-Conformist – churches which are not the Church of England (the Anglican Church)


Non-refundable – cannot be given back


Premises - places


Submit – to give in for consideration


Marriage and Civil Status (Jersey) Law, 2001

The Marriage and Civil Status (Jersey) Law came into force on 1 May 2002.  It was designed to update the procedures for the registration of births, marriages and deaths first introduced in August 1842.

The Law allows for civil marriages to be held in premises other than the Register Office.  It also allows ministers and priests of all Non-Conformist churches to celebrate marriages without the Parish Registrar being present.

Making an application

For couples living in the Island, personal applications should be made at the Office of the Superintendent Registrar, 10 Royal Square, St Helier on a weekday morning between 9 am and 12.30 pm.  A booking can be made up to a year ahead of the date of the wedding.

For couples living outside the island, application for notice of the marriage will be accepted by post or by email.

The Avis or Notice of Marriage may be submitted, either in person or by mail, not more than three months before the date of the marriage and no less than fourteen clear days before the date of the marriage.  The Superintendent Registrar will usually arrange for a couple to come back about a month before the date of the wedding.

Couples need the following documents for arranging their wedding:

Both full birth/adoption certificates, no shortened versions permitted.  They can either be originals or certified copies (ie copies obtained from the relevant Registration Service, not copies certified by a legal professional).  Citizens Advice Jersey can advise on obtaining copies if required.

A widow must produce her marriage certificate as well as her late husband's death certificate. A widower need only produce his late wife's death certificate.

A divorced person must produce a Court sealed and certified copy of the Decree Absolute or Final Decree.  If either party has changed their names at any point in time (Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration), then the full documentation relating to the change of name is required.

All documents in a language other than English and French must be accompanied by officially certified translations into the English language.

The Superintendent Registrar will need to obtain the written consent of both parents or guardians of Minors wishing to marry (ie over 16 and under 18 years) before the Superintendent Registrar's Licence can be issued. 

Notice by mail weddings:

When a couple arrange a ‘notice by mail’ marriage (whether by post or email), a provisional booking is made in the Office of the Superintendent Registrar’s diary which is confirmed on receipt of the £130 non-refundable booking fee.  The Notice of Marriage form is then posted to the couple who are required to return it a month before the date of their wedding together with the supporting documents and £70 notice fee.

The Superintendent Registrar will, having satisfied herself of the authenticity of the supporting documents, then copy the details into the Announcements of Marriages Book.  

The supporting documents are kept in the office and returned to the applicants when they come to Jersey to be married (please note, however, that no documents are retained by the Superintendent Registrar if the couple lives in Jersey).  A further form is sent advising the parties to the marriage when they must come in person to the Office of the Superintendent Registrar to complete formalities and to collect their marriage licence.  Usually this will be three working days before the date of the marriage.

Once entered into the Announcements of Marriages book, the names of both parties to the marriage will then be posted on the notice board in the Office of the Superintendent Registrar where they must remain for a minimum of seven clear days.  The signed Notice of Marriage will be valid for a period of three months.


The Marriage

Usually three working days before the date of the marriage, one of the parties to the marriage must come in person to the Office of the Superintendent Registrar to complete formalities and to be issued with the marriage licence.  They will be required, under Article 11 of the Marriage and Civil Status Law, to sign a solemn declaration as to their freedom to marry and then they will be issued with their marriage licence.  

At this point they will have the opportunity of discussing the format of the ceremony with the Superintendent Registrar.  If couples would like to have poems or readings during the ceremony, they are advised to bring copies with them for the Superintendent Registrar’s approval.  There must be no religious content just as there must be no religious music played at a civil wedding.

They will then be required to take their licence and the supporting documents to the registrar of the parish in which the marriage will take place.  In the case of the Register Office, this will be the Registrar of the Parish of St Helier, an employee of the parish, at 12 Seale Street, St Helier (alongside the Town Hall).  

For weddings in parishes other than St Helier, the couples will have already been asked to make contact with the relevant Registrar (for couples outside the Island this information is provided with the form sent to the couple when notice has been taken).  The Registrars of the country parishes are all honorary officers of their parish.

The Registrar will then prepare the papers to be signed at the marriage which include the Marriage Certificate presented to the couple at the end of the ceremony.  The fee payable to the Registrar is £60.  If more than one copy of the marriage certificate is required, further copies cost £20 each.


Fees for ceremonies

from 1 April 2016







Parish Registrar

in person total

By mail booking fee

By mail total







M - F and

Sat am




































Approved premises







Monday to















M to S & Sun

& BHs









Non-Anglican Church








(in registered buildings)








All fees and charges are subject to regular increases. Fees can be paid at the Office of the Superintendent Registrar by cash, cheque (payable to The Treasurer of the States and be in pounds Sterling drawn on a British Bank) or by debit card when the payment is made in person.  There is no means of paying by telephone, over the Internet or by BACs.

For more details on Getting Married in Jersey please visit the website of the Superintendent Registrar’s Office:

Contact details:

Couples should write to:-

Claire Follain

Superintendent Registrar

10 Royal Square

St Helier




Telephone: 01534-441335                                         Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 An up to date list of premises approved for the celebration of civil marriages under Article 2 of the Marriage and Civil Status (Approved Premises)(Jersey) Order, 2002 can be found on the States of Jersey website on this page:

NOTE: Once they have a confirmed booking with the venue of their choice and it is within a year of the date of the wedding, couples should contact the Office of the Superintendent Registrar in order to make a booking there.  For weddings in the height of the season (May to September), it is advisable to check with the Office of the Superintendent Registrar about the time of a ceremony on a Saturday.