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Music in public places. Includes permissions, buskers, complaints about buskers, playing of recorded music, radio or tv, licence fees, infringements, performance of recorded works in public. (1.3.6.)


Music in public places

Updated 25 November 2013


1  Any individual or group wishing to perform music in public for charity should contact the Constable of the Parish for permission.


2  Any individual or group wishing to perform music in public for gain should contact the Jersey Arts Centre which is authorized by the Bailiff to audition and recommend acts to perform in the streets. There are also guidelines to be followed, eg `moving on` regularly. To complain about Buskers, see para 3

Complaints about Buskers

3  Members of the public wishing to complain about the performance or behaviour of buskers can contact  the Jersey Arts Centre and/or the Bailiff's Secretary.

Playing of recorded music or radio / tv

4 Performing Right Society [PRS] administers the performing right in musical works such as songs or instrumentals. Any business (or individual) which plays music in public must obtain a Copyright Music Licence from PRS for Music. This applies to all businesses from Hotels and Clubs to corner shops or hairdressers. Anywhere music is reproduced in public a Licence must be purchased under the Copyright Act of 1911. Public also includes staff members, eg kitchens, workshops. For more information telephone 08453093090 or visit their website at

If a business plays CDs, tapes or records it will also need a Phonographic Performance Ltd [PPL] licence , see paragraph 7.

Licence fee

5  The licence fee varies according to the size of the premises and the nature of and the extent to which music is played.


6  Regular checks are conducted by agents from PRS for Music, who will advise companies of the need for a licence. If a licence is not obtained, there are penalties for non-compliance, including a fee increase of 50%.

Performance of recorded works in public

7 Phonographic Performance Ltd [PPL] represents record companies and performers. A licence is required to play CDs, radio, tapes or records in public. This is in addition to any licence or permit which needs to be obtained from the Performing Right Society.


Contact :-


Tel. number:  0800 064 6470

The fee for the licence will vary according to the circumstances. VAT must not be charged.

8 The PPL licence is a legal requirement. Failure to comply can lead to action in the (civil) court leading to restraint and/or damages.