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Ex-prisoners and Financial Support

Extent: Jersey
January 1997
Updated 31 August 2017

Words you may need to know
Income Support Benefit - financial assistance paid by the Social Security Department to individuals who qualify
Income Support Residency Qualifications - a test is applied by Social Security to decide whether the amount of time you have lived in Jersey means that you are able to apply for Income Support
Conditional Early Release (CER) – Early release on license (subject to license conditions such as curfew and reporting to the Probation Service) introduced in 2016.
Voluntary After Care - The Probation Service (JPACS) offer an after-care service to all prisoners on release from prison. *

Release from Prison
People who are released from prison will be in need of some help with money unless they can - arrange some paid work to go to before they leave prison
- they have managed to save some money from receipt of a small wage if in prison employment
- or if they have some money saved from before they went into prison
- or a previous job to return to when they leave prison.
- supportive family

Help available for people leaving prison
The States of Jersey Probation Service offer a Voluntary After-Care (VAC) service to all ex-prisoners in order to provide further resettlement support into the community if required. This can include support (with the appropriate agencies) with finances, accommodation and appropriate targeted referrals (Alcohol and Drug service, mental health and so on). This VAC can include offending behaviour work and risk management as well as put the individual in touch with groups in the community who may be able to assist.
Prisoners statutorily obliged to maintain contact with the Probation Service include young offenders on licence, and prisoners released from UK prisons on various forms of licence (if accepted) and those passed for Conditional Early Release.
Conditional Early Release (CER) was introduced in 2016 this is for prisoners who pass the eligibility criteria and are released early subject to licence conditions.
Discharge Grant
Prisoners leaving La Moye Prison can apply to the prison for discharge grant but this will be at the discretion of the States of Jersey Prison Service.

Other sources of support
Accommodation may be offered temporarily at the Shelter Trust or other accommodation providers (Sanctuary House, Jersey Association of Youth and Friendship (JAYF)). Other organisations such as the Grace Trust, the Salvation Army and the Citizens Advice Jersey should be approached for advice about getting help for immediate things they might need such as food and clothes.
Further information is available from the Probation Service Tel: 441900.
*89 prisoners on sentences of more than 6 months (4 months for under 21s) were released during 2016, 57% of which on some form of supervision. This compares to 49% in 2015. 27 Prisoners took up Voluntary After Care support. (JPACS Annual Report 2016)