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Social Security Department

Extent:      Jersey

Updated:   5th October 2016


Words you may need to know


Administer – to manage and do the work necessary to provide something eg a pension scheme or employment service

Coaching – training  


What does the Social Security Department do?

The Social Security Department helps people in Jersey achieve and maintain financial independence. They do this through social and employment schemes.


Some of their other main responsibilities include:

·           administering contribution, benefit and pension schemes so that people in Jersey can have an acceptable standard of living

·           providing support for people looking for employment

·           providing assistance and coaching for people with special employment needs

·           administering employment services


The address of the Social Security Department is:

Social Security Department

PO Box 55

Philip Le Feuvre House

La Motte Street

St Helier

JE4 8PE 


Open:     8.30am - 5pm    Monday - Friday


Telephone  :    01534  445505

Fax :               01534  445525

Fraud Hotline :   0800 735 1111

Email:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.