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Breath tests - Use of breathalyser ( 2.5.32.L4 )
Cars - Removal from public or private property ( 2.5.28.L4 )
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Driving licence loss ( 2.5.4.L3 )
Driving licences - Security Checks before Issue ( 2.5.4.L1 )
Driving Licences ( 2.5.4. )
Driving test fees ( 2.5.4.L4 )
Electrical cycles and wheelchairs ( 2.5.8.L5 )
Export of vehicles to the UK ( 2.7.4.L4 )
GST on Vehicles - importing a vehicle into Jersey ( 2.5.8.L2 )
International driving permits ( 2.5.4.L5 )
Jersey Blue Badge Scheme ( 10.2.0.L1b )
Mobile phone use in vehicles ( 2.5.19. )
Motor Insurance Discs ( 2.5.8.L3 )
Motor Insurers Bureau and Jersey Victims of Uninsured and Untraced drivers (2.5.34.L2)
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Parking, Scratch Cards, Season Tickets ( 2.5.28.L1 )
Private Parking-unauthorised / Wheelclamping ( 2.5.32.L2 )
Road Traffic Offences - Centeniers' Authority ( 4.10.0.a )
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Road Train (2.5.10)
Roads ( 2.5.50 )
Rubbish skips on the road (2.5.50.L1)
Seat belts - Jersey law ( 2.5.16. )
Speed limits for large vehicles and cars pulling trailers (2.5.33)
Traffic accidents - compensation ( 2.5.34.L1 )
Vehicle Registration / Vehicle Ownership ( 2.5.8.L1 )

Electrical cycles and wheelchairs (2.5.8.L5 )


2.5.8. L5
Electrical cycles and wheelchairs

Extent:     Jersey
Updated:   March 2017


Words you may need to know

Electrical pedal cycle - this is a bicycle that you can pedal as normal and which has a motor that can be used instead. The motor is powered by a battery.

Wheelchair - A wheelchair is a chair fitted with wheels. It can be one which the person sitting in the chair can use themselves by turning the wheels, or by someone pushing it.

Motor Vehicle - a motor vehicle is a car, van, lorry or any wheeled device which does not run on rails or track such as a train or tram. The vehicle moves by power provided by an engine or motor

A class specified in an order – a particular group of things covered by a law

Permits - allows

Rebate – here, when money is given back


The Law

From 1 November 1998 electrical pedal cycles and wheelchairs are not treated as motor vehicles under Article 3 of the Road Traffic (Jersey) Law 1956

Under Article 47 of the Road Traffic (Jersey) Law 1956 an electrically assisted pedal cycle of a class specified in an Order made for the purposes of Article 3 shall not be driven on a road or cycle track by a person under the age of 14. 

A person who drives such a pedal cycle or knowing or suspecting that another person is under the age of 14, causes or permits the other person to drive such a pedal cycle, shall be liable to a fine not exceeding level 2 on the standard scale.

 Further information can be found on www.jerseylaw/laws/revised/Pages/25.550.aspx

There is an electric bike grant scheme which enables you to apply for a rebate up to 20% of the cost of an ebike, with a maximum of £300