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Disabled people - suitable transport

Extent: Jersey
August 1997
Updated 24 January 2014

Taxi / Coach Services

Cab firms

There are a number of firms advertising in the Yellow Pages of the telephone directory, stating that they have wheelchair access vehicles.

Rank taxis

All public taxis from Library Place, The Weighbridge, Snow Hill, Airport and Harbour have space in their boot for a wheelchair depending on luggage. Rank taxis will pick up anywhere in the Island, there are a number of advertisments in Yellow Pages giving telephone numbers for contact.

Driving for the Disabled

1. A local charity which aims to provide, maintain, service, insure and otherwise support an appropriately adapted vehicle for physically disabled people to be assessed for their suitability to drive or return to driving.

Contact Mrs Pam Evans tel 726284 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Website:

Adapted vehicle for use by patients, and relatives of patients with neurological disorders

2.  The various charities within the Neurological Disorders Support Group have joined together to buy an adapted vehicle. The members of the Societies involved, had stated that transport was a problem, particularly men looking for something suitable for a family to use and something not obviously for disabled people. The group looked at various models and a Nissan Chairman Serena was felt to meet the requirements.

3.  This vehicle has now arrived and is a blue 2.3D LX version of the Serena. It is possible to carry 5 people and a person in a wheelchair. The second row of seats are individually removable and can be turned round 180 degrees to face the person in the wheelchair. It also has a removable roof-rack.

4.  However even with the roof-rack removed, it cannot be used in any of the multi-storey car parks due to its overall height.

5.  The vehicle is kept at Overdale and to book it, contact the Porters on telephone number 623034. The porters have an answerphone for outside their normal hours of 7am to 7pm daily. Neurocare clients have priority in booking, but other people will be able to use it if it is free. Thus it is important to book early and to say that you are a Neurocare client/carer/friend (if applicable).

6.  The first occasion a driver is to use the vehicle, the porters will explain that the driver will need to complete a form (Volunteer Driver Registration form) and will need to be shown the safety procedures which will take approximately 20 - 25 minutes. This is for insurance purposes. The driver will also need to bring their driving licence. For subsequent outings by the same driver, booking the vehicle will be the only procedure required.

7.  The vehicle can be used for any type of journey within the island for free. If people would like to put some diesel in the tank or make a donation, then that would be welcome but is not compulsory. The vehicle can also be used for trips/holidays abroad, but in this case the users would be responsible for getting the appropriate insurance, and paying for all fuel.

Information checked February 2004.

Shop Mobility

8.  Shopmobility operate from the lower ground floor of Sand Street car park on Thursday, 24th March. The opening hours are 10 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Saturday.

9. Shopmobility have powered and manual chairs and powered scooters for loan to those who would feel more comfortable riding round town to shop, meet friends or just take a wheeled stroll. The lower ground floor of the car park has sufficient dedicated parking spaces for all users whether they drive themselves or are driven. Some spaces are extra wide to allow for side loading.

10. Booking should be by telephone, 739672.

11. Price List

Service Call - En Route Petrol Station

12. For the use of the Co-op's disabled shareholders who cannot cope with the self service arrangements.

13. A single receiver is mounted at the service kiosk and hand-held, infra-red transmitters are distributed to customers to keep in their cars. When used, the receiver in the kiosk bleeps, alerting the staff that a customer is outside and requires personal service.

14. To apply for a transmitter, motorists who are Co-op shareholders and who have a Blue Badge, should call in at the St Peter En Route Service Station.

Mobility Advice Service

15. A driving ability assessment will provide information for a client to decide whether it is possible to return to driving safely.

16. Sue Vernon is an occupational therapist, dual qualified as a Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor and specialises in outdoor mobility advice.

17. Driving ability assessments in a dual control adapted car are carried out in Guernsey.

For more information:

Tel: 020 8647 6455
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.