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Motoring, traffic and Driving Laws

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Breath tests - Use of breathalyser ( 2.5.32.L4 )
Cars - Removal from public or private property ( 2.5.28.L4 )
Drink/driving - Return of licence after disqualification, Drunk in charge penalties ( 2.5.4.L2 )
Driving licence loss ( 2.5.4.L3 )
Driving licences - Security Checks before Issue ( 2.5.4.L1 )
Driving Licences ( 2.5.4. )
Driving test fees ( 2.5.4.L4 )
Electrical cycles and wheelchairs ( 2.5.8.L5 )
Export of vehicles to the UK ( 2.7.4.L4 )
GST on Vehicles - importing a vehicle into Jersey ( 2.5.8.L2 )
International driving permits ( 2.5.4.L5 )
Jersey Blue Badge Scheme ( 10.2.0.L1b )
Mobile phone use in vehicles ( 2.5.19. )
Motor Insurance Discs ( 2.5.8.L3 )
Motor Insurers Bureau and Jersey Victims of Uninsured and Untraced drivers (2.5.34.L2)
Motor vehicles - For Sale signs in cars ( 2.5.32.L1 )
Parking Fine Queries / Unpaid parking fines (St. Helier) ( 2.5.28.L2 )
Parking, Scratch Cards, Season Tickets ( 2.5.28.L1 )
Private Parking-unauthorised / Wheelclamping ( 2.5.32.L2 )
Road Traffic Offences - Centeniers' Authority ( 4.10.0.a )
Road Traffic Offences - Splashing Pedestrians ( 2.5.32.L6 )
Road Train (2.5.10)
Roads ( 2.5.50 )
Rubbish skips on the road (2.5.50.L1)
Seat belts - Jersey law ( 2.5.16. )
Speed limits for large vehicles and cars pulling trailers (2.5.33)
Traffic accidents - compensation ( 2.5.34.L1 )
Vehicle Registration / Vehicle Ownership ( 2.5.8.L1 )

Parking, Scratch Cards, Season Tickets (2.5.28.L1 )


Parking Scratch Cards and Season tickets

Extent:     Jersey
Updated:  January 2017


Words you may need to know

Polices - checks/ looks after

Honorary Police Officers - these are members of the Public who offer their time without payment to assist the States, paid police in their duties. It is an ancient voluntary service to the community

Issue - give out

Fine - this is a sum of money you have to pay as a penalty for breaking a rule or the law

Parking offence notices - this is often called a parking ticket


Who polices parking in Jersey

The Department for Infrastructure employs the Parking Control Officers (formerly traffic wardens). The officers patrol:

  • Five multi-storey car parks
  • Seventeen surface car parks - including Red Houses, St Aubins (around Parish Hall) and St Brelades Bay
  • 'On street' parking in St Helier

Office: Sand Street Car Park, telephone 448660

The Parish of St Helier employs Parish Wardens who patrol the Resident’s Parking Zones in St Helier and other areas in St Helier during the early evening. Some other Parishes also employ traffic wardens who patrol areas within those parishes.

Honorary Police Officers in all Parishes may also issue parking offence notices, requiring payment of a fine, or attendance at the Parish Hall.

Issuing of parking offence notices

There are three types of offence notices

  • issued by the a Parking Control Officer using a hand held machine - used in car parks, multi-storey car parks and on-street.
  • issued by the Parish Wardens on behalf of the Parish of St Helier for on-street parking and some car parks.
  • issued by Honorary Police

Paying for parking information - please click here