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Cars - Removal from public or private property (2.5.28.L4)


2.5.28 L4
Cars - removal from public / private property

Extent:      Jersey
Updated:   March 2017


Words you may need to know

Vehicle - a type of transport

Removal - to take away and dispose of (get rid of)

Abandoned - left, dumped

Authorities - the States or the Parish

Registration number - the number plate

Recorded delivery – a Post Office service that gives you official confirmation that a letter / parcel has been posted and delivered

Dispose - get rid of/ remove

Environment - the countryside, streams, water courses etc

Registered owner – This is the person to whom the vehicle is registered


The following laws say what needs to be done with abandoned cars, vans etc

                    Road Traffic (Jersey) Law, 1956

Road Traffic (Removal of vehicles) (Jersey) Order 1963.

If a vehicle is abandoned on public or parish roads or land, it can be removed, sold or crushed by the authorities and the last registered owner charged for any money that is owed. There is a procedure with time limits which is followed.

For Social Housing - Andium Homes, telephone 500700, ask for the Estate Officer for the estate concerned. They will deal with the removal of cars from their property.

Vehicles on private land

The owner of land on which an unwanted vehicle is parked must send a letter (recorded delivery) to the owner, stating that it must be removed within 10 days otherwise it will be towed away.

If the owner of the vehicle is not known the landowner can write to the Driver & Vehicle Standards Department (DVS) and they may give the owner's details. The letter must include the following information:

-Registration number, make and model of the vehicle.

-Details of the time and date that the vehicle was first parked on the owner's land together with photographic evidence showing the car parked on the owner's land.

-Evidence they own the land (e.g. utility bill)

- Details of steps taken by the land owner to find out who owns the vehicle and make contact with them.

A fee is payable.

In the case of a vehicle not having a registration number a notice may be placed in the Jersey Gazette of the Jersey Evening Post stating a period of notice for the car to be removed otherwise the owner of the land will dispose of the car.

If there is a risk to the environment, then the owner of the land can contact the Environmental Health Department who may be able to help with the removal of the vehicle: Tel: 441600

If the owner of a vehicle does not remove a car which is parked on private land then the land owner should seek legal advice on the matter.


Driver Vehicle Standards Department:

Address: La Route de Veulle, La Collette, St Helier JE1 3UE

Tel: 448600

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Further information can be found on:- (Article 56)