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Motor vehicles - For Sale signs in cars

Extent: Jersey
Updated 25 November 2013

Public car parks administered by the The Department of Infrastruture

Under the Public Parking Place Order (1985) as amended it is an offence to park motor vehicles displaying 'For Sale' garage-type forecourt stickers - large signs in public car parks administered by the The Department of Infrastruture.

Private property

'For Sale' signs can be displayed on vehicles parked on private property although if this happens regularly the property owner will need to apply to the Planning and Environment Department for change of use of the land.

Lay bys and roads

There are notices in the lay-by at Bel Royal which says that 'For Sale' signs are not permitted, it is possible that other car parks / lay-bys might have similar signs. It is not legal to park a car with a 'For sale' sign in lay-bys or on public roads.

Policing of Roads Regulations, 1959. Trading - Means the selling, or exposing, or offering for sale, of any article or thing, or the provision of, or the offering to provide any service for a consideration (Article 1 Roads/Beaches Regulations). Policing of Roads 4046 (Amended reprint), under Interpretation 1. 'trading' means the selling or exposing or offering for sale, of any article or thing. Prohibited Acts 2. (g) station any vehicle with a view to trading therefrom; (h) inconvenience any other person with the offer of any article or thing for sale or the provision of any service.

Police do prosecute.