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Transfer of Jersey realty into joint names

   Extent: Jersey
   Updated 25 November 2013 


Housing consent required before a property is transferred into joint names

1.  Transfer of a half share in a property to a third party (including spouse) requires Housing consent.

Transfer if couple are married

2.  Where any transfer of immovable property by a sole owner is into the joint ownership of himself and his spouse and, at the time of the transfer, that property is their matrimonial home, the fee will £5 per page of the contract with a minimum fee of £10.

Transfer of property for unmarried people

3.  Stamp Duty is payable on the value of the gift (see 11.1.50 ).

4.  Lawyer's fees for drawing up the contract are negotiable.


5.  Client receiving a half share in a property should make a Jersey will of realty (approximate cost £150).