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Establishing ownership of property

Extent: Jersey
July 1998
Updated 25 November 2013


 1. There are two ways to establish who owns property or land in Jersey:-

  • at the Town or Parish Hall, see para 2
  • at the Public Registry

2. Any person my go to the parish in which the property or land lies and enquire who the owner is. It may be necessary to describe exactly where the land is, using a map, or certainly the full address will be necessary.

3. Parishes are often asked to give the name of the owner of derelict property with development potential.

4. Any person may seek information from the Public Registry where all property transactions are registered. In order to look up the information the client must have the name of either the seller or purchaser (current owner) of the property. The information is held on computer, and the staff will assist in accessing the information.

5. The client should be aware that all records at the registry are written in ancient legal French, which can be difficult to interpret, but the staff can advise the names of available interpreters.

6. Clients will be charged £25.00 per half hour if they need the assistance of a member of the staff of the Public Registry to carry out a search.

7. The Public registry is at:-

Royal Court House
Royal Square
St Helier

Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5.30pm
Friday, 9am to 5pm

The Registrar of Deeds is A Le Bihan, telephone 441316