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Extent: Jersey
Updated 18 November 2013


Passport forms : Available from the Passport Office, Parish Hall or Post Office or download the smartform application here
Cost of passport : see link
Amendments : No longer available, will require new passport complete with new photographs
Time required to process : Up to 6 weeks. You will need to check the Customs and Immigration website:

Emergencies : The Passport Office offer a 'fast track' service for an additional fee - see link
Passport Office : Office hours Monday to Friday 9.00-15.00
Maritime House
La Route du Port Elizabeth
St Helier

Tel 448000
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Identity cards

There is an agreement between certain European countries that allows members of EU countries to travel within Europe on their Government issued National Identity Cards.

Working abroad

If a local passport applicant is (i) Jersey-born and (ii) neither parent or grandparent were born in the UK and (iii) has not resided in the UK for five years, the passport will be endorsed with ‘holder is not entitled to benefit from European Community Provisions relating to employment or establishment' This is known as the Islander Stamp and means that you do not have the automatic right to live or work in Europe.  If you have the Islander Stamp and wish to live or work in a European country, you should first get permission from the relevant embassy in the UK.

Alternatively, if you have a link with another European Union country then you may be able to apply for a passport issued by that country. You could then live and work in Europe on that passport. You will need to contact the embassy of that country for advice.

Children on parent's passports

From 5th October 1998 every child travelling has been required to have their own passport.

Children born in Jersey of parent(s) from countries in EEA (other than Britain)

Children born in Jersey to EEA nationals will not have any entitlement to British Citizenship unless, at the time of birth, one of the parents* is settled in the Island.  To be deemed settled an EEA national must show that they have been continuously resident in Jersey for a minimum of 5 years. 

If neither parent* is not settled at the time of the birth then the child will not be a British Citizen and will not be able to hold a British passport. It is possible however to obtain settlement after the birth and register the child as a British citizen. The current fee for registration as a British Citizen is outlined below.

(* Before July 2006 the term parent only applies to the mother, or the father of the child if the parents are married.)

The fees are as follows:

For more information, contact:-

Immigration and Nationality Department,
Maritime House,
La Route du Port Elizabeth,
St. Helier,

Tel 448000

Jersey passports

There is no such thing as a 'Jersey passport’.  Passports issued in Jersey are British passports and have Jersey printed on the cover to show that they were issued in Jersey.

In general, passports are only issued to local residents however, some people prefer to have a Jersey issued passport rather than one issued in the UK. In practice the passport office only issues passport to UK residents if they have been born in Jersey. The Passport Office cannot issue a passport if the person is physically abroad at the time of application.

Name change in marriage

A new passport will have to be issued as, since October 2003, the Passport Office is unable to make amendments to existing passports (original marriage certificate needed).

If a married woman chooses not to take her husband's surname after marriage, the passport does not need to be changed. However, any travel has to be booked in her maiden name.

Biometric Passports

Available from 2006, biometric passports will have many new security features including a chip with the facial biometrics taken from the passport photo.

Application information/DG_174159

Any passport issued after October 2006 must have the new biometric chip otherwise the owner will be refused entry to the United States.