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Credit reference agencies ( 13.3.4 )



Credit reference agencies


Extent:           Jersey

Updated:        27 October 2017


Words you may need to know

Credit rating – an estimate of somebody’s ability to pay their debts which is based on the way a person has paid back debts in the past eg paid off mortgage, credit or store card instalments

Taken in error – if a decision is made based on wrong information

Set aside – here, cancelled, removed

Judgement – here, decision of a court

Creditor – person who is owed money

Receipt – a written proof that something has been paid

Specific – relating to one thing in particular eg here, a debt for one thing , not an amount towards several debts

Electoral role – having your name on the official list of people entitled (qualified) to vote


What is a credit reference agency (‘CRA’) ?

A credit reference agency is an organisation that collects information about people’s credit rating and supplies this information to banks, finance organisations, retailers etc . The information is provided so that if an organisation is going to lend money to someone eg to buy a car, get a mortgage etc  they can make their own decision about whether they think the person will be able to pay back the loan.

Where do credit reference agencies get their information?

Credit reference agencies use Court Judgements to build their files on individuals. In Jersey these judgements are published in the Jersey Business Brief, and are also available for inspection in the Court Registry. This is why it is important to make sure that judgements taken in error are set aside by the Court. The Court Registry is at the Magistrate's Court Union Street, St Helier. It is open during the lunch period.

How long is a judgement held on a 'Blacklist'?

A judgment is kept on record for a period of six years. This is the same as in the UK although a judgement is enforceable for up to ten years in Jersey. If a debt is paid, written proof should be obtained from the creditor and this can be noted on the file.

What happens if the judgement was the result of a dispute?

If the reason for non-payment of money was due to a dispute such as faulty workmanship, it should be possible to ask the CRA to add a note on file to explain this.


There are a number of CRA organisations in Jersey

'Trade Advisory Bureau Services'

The Trade Advisory Bureau , known as 'TABS,' has its company office at:

54-56 King Street

St Helier


Telephone:      508855

Open from     10am to 3.00pm

Anyone wishing to visit the offices needs to make an appointment by calling 508855.

Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Who uses TABS?

Private individuals do not normally use TABS to check another person's credit rating as there is an annual fee to be paid, as well as a charge for each search. TABS is most commonly used by banks and finance companies.

What does a search cost?

The annual fee for a search is £280. It is possible to pay for just 3 months as a trial period, in which case the fee is £85. There is a search fee of £1.60 for the name of each person searched if the search is done by telephone. If the results of the search need to be faxed, then the charge is £2.10 per person searched. NOTE: This is for firms checking the credit-worthiness of potential customers.

Can a person check what is held on file about them at TABS? (personal information checks)

If someone suspects that information about them is on file with TABS, they must go to the TABS office in person with photographic proof of identification (eg a passport or driving licence are both photographic proof).

If information is held, then a written copy of that will be given to the individual. They will not be allowed to view the computer screen as this would reveal the names and details of other persons held on file.

There is a £10 charge. If the person has paid the outstanding debt in full this can be noted on their record for a fee of £5. A receipt marked 'paid in full' will be required from the former creditor before this can be done. Afterwards, when enquiries are made about the person, the enquirer will be told that 'they are clear'. Former judgements are still kept on file for six years but not normally disclosed unless specifically requested.


Getting a debt marked as ‘satisfied’ (paid off or cleared)

If judgement has been taken in any specific matter by Collect Services Limited or Collect Services (IOM) Limited (Managing Partners: Viberts) on behalf of their clients, then in order to get the debt marked as satisfied, the paid/settled receipt letter must be forwarded via postal mail enclosing an administration fee of £4.00 payable to “Registry Trust Limited” :-

Registry Trust Limited

153-157 Cleveland Street




United Kingdom


Telephone: 02073800133


Channel Islands Data Services

This is an On-line credit reference and debt recovery service.

For details see:

Channel Islands Data Services Limited

PO Box 379

Third Floor

4 Market Street

St Peter Port



Channel Islands


Telephone: +44 (0) 481 713050


Credit reference agencies in United Kingdom

Everyone has a right to see their credit files and correct any mistakes. The following companies are based in the United Kingdom. Each have websites with advice on how they can help and what you need to do.

Send each agency a £2 cheque or postal order, your full name and address and date of birth together with a list your addresses for the past six years.

Say that you are applying under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act 1998.

If it contains false information, you can ask for it to be changed.

Letters should be sent to:

Registry Trust Limited

153-157 Cleveland Street




United Kingdom



Telephone:      +44 (0) 2073800133

Email:             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Experian Limited

Consumer Support Centre

PO Box 9000


NG80 7WF                            




Telephone :     0344 481 0800



Equifax Ltd

Customer Service Centre

PO Box 10036


LE3 4FS                                 




 Telephone :  0845 603 6772


Callcredit Ltd

Consumer Services Team

PO Box 491


LS3 1WZ                               




 Telephone:  0330 024 7579


Sometimes credit information may be refused when UK credit reference agencies are not aware that you are on a Channel Islands electoral role. This is because they do not get information about Channel Islands electoral roles in the same way they get details of UK ones.  If you find that your record does not include your electoral role information you can get it added - see leaflet from the Office of the Data Commissioner here.