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Bound over to leave the island


Extent:      Jersey

Updated:   March 2017



Words you may need to know

Magistrate - the judge in the Magistrate’s Court who has the same status as a District Judge in England and Wales

Set period – a fixed period eg two months; one year

For minor offences, the Magistrate can delay a sentence for a set period of time.  As long as the defendant is not brought to the attention of the Court during this period then the matter is closed – this is called a Binding-Over Order. 

However, if the person is brought back to the Court during the set period then the offences for which the Binding-Over Order was put in place would be re-sentenced. 

A variation on a Binding-Over Order is when the defendant is required to leave the island for a fixed period of time – normally 3 years.  At the end of this period the person can return to the island.

This is a voluntary sentence as the defendant has to agree to the terms of the Binding Over Order.

Jersey residents can have such a sentence passed on them, although in practice this rarely happens.