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Updated:  March 2017


Words you may need to know


Witness - A witness is someone called or asked to give evidence about the offence(s).

Evidence - This is information that helps to show that something did or did not happen or someone did or did not do something.

Expenses - This is money you have spent and are out of pocket. You may have to provide receipts to prove you have spent the money.

Prosecution - When you are charged with an offence, the case is presented to court by the Prosecution. The Prosecution are lawyers who act on behalf of the State and work closely with the Police. A Prosecution witness is giving evidence for the Police/ State .

Defence - A defence witness is someone who is giving evidence on behalf of the person who has been charged with an offence.


What happens if I don't go to court if called as a witness?

If you have been told to appear as a witness, you must turn up at the Court as directed. If you don't, it could result in you being arrested. You might be fined for wasting the Court's time.

Can I claim expenses?

You can claim expenses. The daily allowance paid is £84. If you are a Professional or expert witnesses, you may claim an allowance of up to £196 per day. Sometimes you are also paid for food and drink if you are a non-professional witness.

Travel expenses are also paid if you produce receipts, i.e. bus tickets, train tickets, airline tickets, and £84 may be paid to a witness who has to be away from home overnight and who needs to book accommodation.

Will anyone help me?

The Witness Support Service is organised by Victim Support Jersey. Volunteers have been trained to give support for witnesses for the prosecution or defence.

Contact telephone number :  440496

See also leaflet 4.6.4.(B) Witness in Court