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Court of Appeal

Extent: Jersey
Updated 13 June 2019

Words you may need to know

Judicial Greffe – the department dealing with the administration of the Royal Court and Court of Appeal

In custody ‘pending appeal’ – time spent in prison waiting for your appeal to be heard

Litigant –  someone who has either brought a case to court (the plaintiff) or defended a case (the defendant)

Transcript – a recording which is then reproduced (typed out) as a document

Advice with Proceedings

The Judicial Greffe is responsible for all administrative arrangements for the Court of Appeal including providing advice on court procedures for those wishing to bring an appeal.


The Court of Appeal Section of the Judicial Greffe provides a service to record proceedings and judgements given in the Superior Courts in Jersey. The recordings can be transcribed or produced in writing when this is required. A litigant can be supplied with a transcript of hearings in which they have been involved.


Time spent in custody 'pending appeal' does not count as part of a sentence. There is a statutory six week period which the law states should be served (spent in prison) by anyone whose appeal fails. This is designed to persuade people not to bring appeal applications which are unlikely to succeed.