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Jersey Police Crime Reduction / CrimeStoppers



Extent:         Jersey

Updated:      September 2017               


Words you may need to know

Community – a group of people living in the same area

Crime – when something wrong is done which is against the law (‘an offence’)

Crime Reduction – things that are done to try and stop crimes happening

Project – a plan of actions and behaviours to achieve something (often to improve a situation)

Compensation – when you receive something (usually money) to make up for the loss of something

Consequence – something that happens because of something that happened before

Benefit fraud – when someone claims and receives financial help from government when they do not qualify

Community Engagement – to get involved with and work with people in the community

Challenge – something that is difficult foe you

Anonymous – when your name is not known

Independent charity – an organisation that operates by itself and raises money to pay for itself

Suspicious – when something does not look right or you think someone is doing something that is against the law


Crime Reduction

Telephone:      612345

Email:             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Shopwatch scheme

Community safety booklet

Burglary and Autocrime awareness

Mobile crime reduction unit for large public events

Bike Register Campaign   

Monthly JEP article to offering Crime Reduction advice      

Monthly web chats on Crime Reduction matters


Community Safety and Crime Reduction


The States of Jersey Police have a helpful website which provides information about several different areas of public safety. The subjects include:

-          Alcohol and Drugs

-          Anti-social behaviour

-          Community Projects

-          Crime


There is also a website page which provides further information about crime related matters and crime prevention:



The subjects include:

-          Criminal Injuries compensation

-          Drugs have consequences

-          Jersey Crimestoppers

-          Report a customs or immigration offence (including confidential phoneline)

-          States of Jersey Police and the Jersey Police Authority

-          Support for Victims of Crime

-          Benefit fraud

-          Community projects

-          Financial Crime

-          Reporting a Crime


The following website contains useful information for parents


Community Engagement

The Jersey Police force are working hard to earn the confidence of people in the community who may face particular challenges but who might not always know that the police are there to help them if they need help.  There are five groups of officers, each with an officer in charge.

The groups are:

-          Age

-          Disability

-          Faith

-          LGBTQ – (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender)

-          Race

For more information about them see:


Contact Details

States of Jersey Police

Police Headquarters

La Route du Fort

St Helier



Tel:                  01534 - 612612                       Fax:  01534 - 612613             

Email:             This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Open:              Monday – Sunday       24 hours each day





How does Crimestoppers work?

Crimestoppers is not part of the police. It is an independent charity which members of the public can ring up if they want to report anything suspicious.  It is a way that people can help fight crime but still be anonymous.

When someone calls Crimestoppers they talk to a specially trained person. That person then passes the information to the police.  You will never be asked for any personal details. Crimestoppers will never ask for your name or trace your call.


How to contact Crimestoppers

Information can be given to Crimestoppers  by

- calling 0800 555 111. The telephone line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.        

-  or by filling out a secure online  ‘Giving information form’: