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States Committees of Enquiry

Extent: Jersey
11 January 2001
Updated 18 November 2013

Committee of Inquiry

1. Members of the public are now permitted to sit on committees of Enquiry, previously only States Members were permitted to sit.

2. Where the States are of opinion that inquiry should be made into any definite matter of public importance, they may appoint a Committee of Inquiry to inquire into that matter.

3. A Committee of Inquiry shall consist of not more than five persons, who may or may not be members of the States, and the States may direct which of those persons, if more than one, shall be the President, who shall preside in the absence of the President and the number of persons who shall form a quorum thereof but where a Committee of Inquiry consists of only one person that person shall be the President and the quorum.

4. A person appointed to a Committee of Inquiry shall take an oath before the Bailiff in the form contained in a standing order.