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States Committees of Enquiry

Extent: Jersey
Updated 14 June 2019


Words you may need to know

Committee of Inquiry – a committee of inquiry is a group of people who have been appointed by the States and asked to investigate and look at something that is of interest to the people of the island. They then prepare a report on what they have found. Often they are asked to make recommendations or suggestions.

Quorate – every formal meeting has to have a set minimum number of people attending before any decisions can be taken. The minimum number of people forms a quorum and the meeting is said to be quorate when the right number are there. If not enough people attend, then decisions cannot be taken or actions agreed.

Oath – an oath is a promise to do something, usually to tell the truth or carry out duties.

Committee of Inquiry

Members of the public are now allowed to sit on Committees of Inquiry, in the past only States Members were able to sit.

If the States believe that something of interest to the public should be looked at they can appoint a Committee of Inquiry to check into the matter.

The maximum number of people to sit on a Committee of Inquiry is five. Some of those chosen may be States Members but others can be asked from the general public. Anyone who might have skills or knowledge which is of use can be asked to sit on it. The States can also say who is going to Chair the Committee and how many people need to meet for the committee to be considered fully formed or quorate. Occasionally only one person is asked to look into a matter, in which case they are also the President and the meeting is quorate with one.


A person appointed to a Committee of Inquiry has to take an oath before the Bailiff.