Shoplifting - Police procedure

Extent: Jersey
Updated 17 June 2019


Words you may need to know

Custody Officer -  This is the officer in charge of anyone brought into the police station.  They make decisions on who to hold and who to let go depending on what the person is in there for.

Released: Allowed to leave.

Interviewed: A Police officer will ask you questions about the crime you are suspected of committing. This will normally be recorded on a  CD.

Centenier: A senior member of the Honorary Police.

Parish Hall Enquiry:  A chance for a person to explain their actions to a Centenier who will then decide if they can deal with that person or if they should send them to the Magistrates Court.



A person arrested for shoplifting is taken to Police Headquarters to be interviewed about the offence.

They may also search your home if they think you might have stolen items kept there.

If someone is caught for the first time, they are usually released from Police custody and sent to a Parish Hall Enquiry. There they will be seen by a Centenier.  The Centenier may warn them not to commit crime again or tell them to behave and see them again after a month or two when they will decide how to deal with them.  A person can only be dealt with at Parish Hall if they admit what they did and the Centenier is happy to deal with it.

If the value of what was stolen is high or if the person arrested has shoplifted before, they may be sent to the Magistrate’s Court.  It is the Centenier’s decision if a person should go to the Magistrate’s Court.  They can decide while a person is still in Police Custody or when they see a person at a Parish Hall enquiry.  If they are found guilty at Magistrate’s Court the punishment may be greater than at Parish Hall, such as a fine or going to prison.