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Extent: Jersey
Updated 01 October 2018


Words you may need to know


Administered by - looked after

Offender - someone who has been found guilty of a crime

Detention - being held or detained

Institute - building

Corporal punishment - beatings/ hangings etc

Transfers - being moved from one jurisdiction to another

Remission – a portion of the sentence being taken off for good behaviour and industry

Remand prisoner - this is someone who is not yet convicted of a crime. They are awaiting trial

Parole - This is early release on a license.  If the person breaks the conditions of their parole, they can be recalled to prison

Probation officer - someone whose job it is to advise, assist and befriend offenders

Curfew- a time when someone is not allowed out of their home. For example, from 7pm at night until 7 am the next morning.



The States of Jersey Prison Service is administered by:

The Prison Governor  reports to the Minister for Home Affairs

States of Jersey Prison Service

HM Prison La Moye

La Rue Baal

St Brelade


Telephone:       441800
Fax:                 497280


Prison Rules

See Prison [Jersey] Rules 2007 at

Prison sentences

Male offenders between 15 and 21 years receive sentences for 'youth detention' in the young offender institute, which forms part of La Moye Prison.

Female offenders, over 15 years, are detained in the female wing of La Moye Prison.

There is no corporal punishment in Jersey.

Prisoners, generally convicted, may ask to be considered for a transfer to England and Wales if they fit prescribed criteria set by the English authorities or may be transferred against their will because of operational reasons.

 Most transfers are undertaken on an ‘unrestricted’ basis but they can also be on a ‘restricted’ basis.

 The distinction between restricted and unrestricted transfers is important because it determines the how the prisoner's sentence will be managed following the transfer.  Jersey generally transfers prisoners on an unrestricted basis but there are occasions when prisoners are transferred on a restricted basis.

 In a restricted transfer, the sentence is treated as though it is still being served in Jersey, therefore the prisoners release date and entitlement to privileges, are subject to Jersey Law and regulations but all other aspects of the prisoners management are undertaken as though they were sentenced in England or Wales. If  unrestricted, the offender being managed as though they had been sentenced in England or Wales, therefore the prisoners incarceration is wholly managed under English Law and regulations.


Currently all sentences handed down by the Courts of Jersey attract remission of one third of the total sentence except for sentences of less than 5 days, for good behaviour.

Life sentenced prisoners do not attract remission as these sentences stipulate a minimum term of imprisonment subject to parole panel approval.

The earliest possible date of when they might get out is told to prisoners at the start of their sentence.

Prison visiting

Visits are by booked appointments only which must be arranged beforehand by the prisoner. The prisoner can write to or phone the visitor to make the necessary arrangements.

Daily visits are available between the hours of 14:00 to 16.20. and 18:15 to 19:15 Monday to Friday and 13:45 to 16:50 at weekends. Each visits session is an hour in duration with each wing being allocated varying times within a published schedule. This allows each group of prisoners to benefit from the most popular slots.

There is a maximum of 3 visitors permitted to attend a visit session and
persons under the age of 16 years must be accompanied by an adult and have the permission of their parents or guardian.

The supervision of children is the responsibility of the visitor. There is a small play area for children with a small number of toys.

Convicted prisoners are entitled to one visit per week of at least 30 minutes in duration which may be increased to two visits per week if the prisoner attains enhanced status.

Remand prisoners are entitled to one visit per week of at least 90 minutes in duration or a number of visits to ensure a minimum of  90 minutes is achieved.


There is no parole system currently operating in Jersey.

Personal Officer Scheme

Each prisoner is allocated a primary and secondary personal officer from the trained staff. The officer can help sort out family worries, any problems while in prison, and help plan for release into the community.

Prison Probation Officer

A prison probation officer is available to all prisoners entering La Moye Prison.

Health advice/care

Health care at La Moye Prison is provided by a GP practice, a doctor visits every morning Monday – Friday and on a Saturday if required.

The prison employs five health care officers and a health care manager who are all registered nurses.

The States of Jersey Prison Service employs a Consultant Psychiatrist, on a sessional basis. The Psychiatrist is supported by a Community Psychiatric Nurse whose services are provided by Health & Social Services. All prisoners can be referred to specific hospital services as needed.

The States of Jersey Prison Service also employs a team of dedicated Psychologists and a Substance misuse professionals to assist prisoners with their offending behaviour and addiction issues.

Prison Board of Visitors

The Board is made up of a minimum of seven Jurats appointed by the Superior Number of the Royal Court. The Board is re-appointed each year.

Prisoners are entitled to see a single Board Member or the full Board when they visit the Prison and this may be without having a Prison Officer in the room.

The full Board visits once per calendar month and this is supported by a single unannounced visit by a single member of the Board.

The Board is provided with administrative support by the Judicial Greffe.

The Board has a disciplinary role if there is serious misbehaviour by prisoners and they are empowered to take back segments of remission if they feel is appropriate.

Temporary Release Scheme

The Temporary Release Scheme is only available to prisoners who have been a resident in Jersey prior to committing the offence. That is, they have a home address in Jersey that is not a hotel or B&B and been sentenced to more than twelve months imprisonment and have been assessed as being suitable by a panel. The Panel is made up of the Prison Governor, the Prison Probation Officer and representatives from the various internal departments of the Prison and a lay member appointed by the Minister for Home Affairs.

The scheme has a number of elements; Community Visits, Home Leave, Community / Paid Work, Home Curfew and Community Leave.