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Community Mediation

Extent: Jersey
Updated 27 January 2016

Words you may need to know

Mediation - working with two sides in the hope of reaching an agreement or settlement

Community - a group of people who live in the same area e.g.  Jersey

Accredited - qualified or approved

Commercial - Business or work

Civil - relating to citizens or people

Community Mediation


The service is meant to offer help in settling small scale disputes between neighbours and friends and between those doing business together.


Both parties must live in Jersey and able to attend the mediation, in person.


It costs each party to the mediation £20.00 which you do not get back if the mediation is not successful. Mediation should always be considered before legal action is taken as the success rate is fairly high.


Click on this leaflet which explains how the service works and you can apply for mediation by using this form here.


For a list of accredited Mediators for civil or commercial Mediation see: mediators/accredited_mediators.aspx


Other forms of Mediation


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