JT Global (formerly Jersey Telecom). Covers rental tariff, disputed bills, telephone rental discounts, telephone services for the disabled and deposits. (1.1.2.L2)


JT Global (formerly Jersey Telecom)

Extent: Jersey
Updated 01 April 2019

JT Global rental tariff

1.  For information or to change tariffs, contact 882882 or visit the Jersey Telecom website at www.jtglobal.com/Jersey/

Disputed bills

2.  If you have normal paper bills, it is possible to request an itemised bill. Full itemisation of all calls can be provided to customers at a monthly charge of £1.50. If you have paperless billing and manage your account online, itemisation is free.

Telephone Rental Discounts

3.  Prime Talk tariff, for senior citizens, monthly line rental £2.37 (including GST) per month. Calls to local landlines charged at 7p per call (excluding GST).

4.  For further information, contact the Accounts Department at JT Global, telephone 882500 or write to

JT Global
PO Box 53 
No 1 The Forum 
Grenville Street 
St Helier 

Telephone services for the disabled

5.  JT Global operate a service to provide a directory enquiries facility for the sight impaired in conjunction with Eyecan. Applications must go through Eyecan at Westlea Centre, 
Contact Mrs Graham on 853330

6.  A similar service is available for people who cannot hold or handle a telephone directory, and these applicants are often recommended by the Occupational Therapy Department at Overdale, who have to countersign the application form for the free service. 
Contact 'IDEAS' Centre at Overdale Hospital, telephone 623013

Users will be issued with a PIN number which the operator will ask for.

The Directory Inquiry Number for this service is 195.