Compulsory school age


Extent:     Jersey
Updated:  April 2017


Words you may need to know


Compulsory -  required by law, has to be done

Attendance – going somewhere where you are expected to be


Article 12 of The Education (Jersey) Law, 1999 requires parents or carers of children of compulsory school age (aged 5 -16) to receive a full time education. This is either by registering a child at a school or by arranging an alternative to school.

Education (Jersey) Law, 1999 :      www.jerseylaw.je

School absences and concerns about school attendance

See: https://www.gov.je/education/schools/childswelfare/pages/schoolattendanceabsence.aspx

Home schooling

See: https://www.gov.je/education/schools/childlearningpages/homeschooling.aspx