Education - Special Provision ( 5.6.18.L1 )



Education - Special Provision


Extent:      Jersey
Updated:   30 October 2017


Words you may need to know

Provision -  Something that is supplied or given

Curriculum -  The subjects taught at an educational institution, or the topics taught within a subject

Special Needs -  Those with educational needs that may not be met within the normal school or college curriculum. This includes those who are gifted.

Compulsory – Required by law. Something that has to happen

Pupil – A child who attends school

Commitment – A promise to do something

Entitlement – A right to something

Assessment – Where someone collects information on different matters in order to make decisions

Paediatrician – Someone who looks after the medical care of infants, children and young adults



All pupils of compulsory school age have the right to an education that is broad and balanced.

Within the Island, there is a commitment from all services, to give advice and support right from birth, for families and children with learning difficulties.

Education is shared between parents, professionals and where possible the students themselves. Students with learning difficulties have may lifelong educational needs and have an entitlement to an appropriate education.

What the services aim to do

To provide advice and support to parents from birth regarding their child's physical, social, emotional and learning needs.

To put in place individual learning programmes to meet each student’s special educational needs.

To support the education of all students with learning difficulties from 5 – 19 years of age.


Assessment and advice

Assessment and advice is given to parents about their child's special educational needs and what is to be put in place.

This may be given by: -

The Head of Pupil Support at the Education Department holds regular meetings with all involved professionals and manages the process.

Where necessary ‘Record of Needs’ will be put together with parents and involved professionals. It is reviewed on an annual basis.

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