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Assorted scholarships and bursaries

Extent: Jersey
September 2002
Updated 28 January 2021


Words you may need to know

Scholarship/s - financial help for a student to help with study or living expenses

Bursaries - a student grant offered for school , university  or college

Parentage - a person's parents or background

A comprehensive list of organisations offering educational trusts and bursaries can be found here

John Lobb Memorial Trust - Music

1  To assist Jersey educated young people who have attained the age of fifteen years and show promise in some form of music to further their musical career. This could be in the form of assistance in the purchase of instruments or in tuition.
Apply to:

Ms Rosemary Lobb

(The Secretary to the John Lobb Memorial Trust)


10a Bel Royal Gardens

St Lawrence


Ogiers - Legal

2  Ogiers
PO Box 404
Ogier House
The Esplanade
St Helier

Applications normally in January. Contact: Personnel Manager for further details.
Telephone: 504094

Mourants - Legal

3 Mourants (Mourant, du Feu and Jeune)
PO Box 87
22 Grenville Street
St Helier

Contact: Head of Human Resources
Telephone: 609000

Sinels - legal

4  Sinels
PO Box 595
79 Bath Street
St Helier

They normally only have two bursaries running at one time.
Contact: Personnel for further details.

Bedell Cristin - legal

5 Bedell Cristin
PO Box 75
New Street
St Helier

They advertise in the JEP towards the end of the year, can write for further details to Head of Personnel.

Carey Olsen
47 Esplanade
St Helier

Applications to Personnel but normally required previous work experience with firm.

Grant Thornton Ltd-Accountancy

Le Febvre House
Le Febvre Street
St Peter Port

The Bursary is open to those attending University and are keen to pursue a career in Accountancy on completion of their degree. The selection process involves a competency-based interview, followed by a ten minute presentation to the Directors. The award consists of £2000 per annum, payable in 3 instalments and a minimum of a 4 week work placement per year.

The Avril Picot Scholarship Fund - art students, Channel Island parentage

7.Applications are invited from art students of Channel Islands parentage for a Scholarship from the above named Fund to assist them in the study of art in the United Kingdom. Applicants attention is drawn to the modest size of the award and the age limit of 21 years.

All applications should be made to The Societe Jersiaise tel 758314

Barreau Art Scholarship - art


1 The Scholarship shall be known as the Barreau Art Scholarship and its purpose shall be to assist the study of Fine Art in the form of painting, engraving, sculpture, architecture or decorative design.

2 The holder of the scholarship may be of either sex, and shall be connected with the Island of Jersey either by race or by residence, but preferably by race.

3 The Executive Committee of the Société Jeriaise shall appoint to the Scholarship and shall determine the conditions under which the holder's studies are to be pursued, whether by attending a School of Art or by travelling.

4 The said Committee shall constitute a Board of recommendation consisting of three persons, who may or may not be members of the Société Jeriaise. Such a board shall report on the artistic qualifications of candidates, and may require them to submit specimens of their work.

5 The Scholarship shall not be of less value than is represented by the interest on the endowment fund for the previous year. In years in which the Scholarship is not awarded, the increment shall be added to the fund, but shall not necessarily be treated as capital. Less grants to deserving students may be made out of the surplus thus accumulated.

6 The length of the tenure of the Scholarship shall be determined by the Committee, but shall in no case exceed five years. Each appointment shall be subject to the conditions that the holder shall from time to time as required produce evidence of good conduct and progress to the satisfaction of the Committee, and that, if dissatisfied, the Committee may at any time terminate the appointment.

Application forms available from the Société Jeriaise, No 7 Pier Road, St Helier.

The Howard Leopold Davis Scholarships Trust - primary school children wishing to attend either Victoria College or JCG

10.The Governors of the above named Trust invite applications from suitable candidates for the award of Scholarships to attend either Victoria College or the Jersey College for Girls in 200_.

Further details and application forms may be obtained from the Headmaster of Victoria College or the Principle of the Jersey College for Girls.

Le Febvre Fund - school fees at Victoria College

11. A Trust fund established to make charitable bequests for school fees at Victoria College.

Will help in certain cases of hardship.

Letter of application, together with a financial statement, should be sent to The Headmaster, Victoria College, Mont Millais, St Saviour.

Other information

12. The Education Department has extensive information regarding scholarships and bursaries.
Contact the Student Finance Officer telephone: 509450.

The Huelin-Renouf Shipping Bursary

13.  For Jersey students who are reading maritime,transport-related logistics or similar disciplines at university or with the Open University.

For further information telephone 825600 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.