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Adult education in Jersey


 Extent:       Jersey
Updated:     April 2017



Words you may need to know


Lifelong - something that happens throughout your life

Learning - getting knowledge or skills

Literacy - the ability to read and write

Numeracy - the ability to deal with numbers or math in your day to day life

Communication - the means of speaking, writing, or using a common system of signs or behaviour


Lifelong Learning

You can get information from  Adult & Community Education which is in The Philip Mourant Centre, Rue Asplet, Trinity. JE3 5JF.

Telephone:   861252


Adult Literacy/Numeracy

Highlands College run part-time courses to help people with communication and numeracy which is designed to meet individual needs.

For more information contact :   Adult & Community Education    Tel:  01534 608655


Access Course

What is the access course

The Access course is a link course designed for mature students. The purpose of the course is to provide a route for mature students into Higher Education.

Who can join the course

Anyone aged 21 years or over with none or few previous qualifications.

Who can be contacted for further information

University Centre:      Tel:  01534 608526

English as a Foreign Language

Courses are available at St Brelade's College, St Aubin

Tel. 01534 741305

Web site:

English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) courses are also provided by Highlands College.

Courses are held at Highlands College, St Saviour and at the Welcome Centre, St Thomas's Church, Val Plaisant, St. Helier.

For more information contact:   Adult and Community Education     Tel:  01534 608655.