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Parish Halls /
Constables Committee (Comité des Connétables)

Updated 20 September 2019

Words you may need  to know


Parish hall - each Parish in the island has a hall where the  administration of the Parish takes place


Parish Constables - this is a person elected by the Parishioners in the Parish to head the Parish and look after their affairs in the States Chamber


Parishioners - someone who lives in the Parish


States Chamber - the elected seat of Government


Committee - a group or team of people chosen to represent a larger group


Parish Halls

For details of Parish Halls with opening hours see:

Constables Committee - Comité des Connétables

This committee can also be called the Constables' Supervisory Committee, and consists of all the Parish Constables.

Chairman - Mrs D. W. Mezbourian, Connetable de St Laurent

Secretary - Mrs Sue De Gruchy
Secretary to the Committee of Constables
East Wing,
Route de la Trinité,
JE3 5JP.

Telephone - 767555
Fax - 767666

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.