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Electoral Districts

Extent: Jersey
Updated 7 January 2020

Words you may need to know


Electoral district -  a district or area of the Parish in which Parishioners can vote


Parishioner - someone who lives in a part of the Parish


Deputies - an elected representative of the district


Eligible -  entitled to, or qualified to do something


Classified - arranged in groups



For electoral purposes the Parish of St Helier is divided into three districts for the Deputies as follows:

No 1: Vintaine Cantons de Haut de Haut de la Ville & Vingtaine Canton Bas de la Ville
No 2: Vingtaine De Haut du Mont au Pretre & Vingtaine Bas de Haut du Mont au Pretre
No 3: Vingtaine du Rouge Bouillon & Vingtaine du Mont a L'Abbe

No. 4 Vingtaine Du Mont A L'Abbe & Vingtaine Du Mont Cochon

The following is a classified list of the roads and streets in the three electoral districts. It must be beared in mind that a man or woman otherwise eligible has a right to vote in the district they actually reside in and not the district in which their business premises are situated.

Map of Districts


For electoral purposes the Parish of St Saviour is divided into three districts for five Deputies as follows:
No 1: Vingtaine de Petite Longuville
No 2: Vingtaine de Sous L'Eglise
No 3: Vingtaines de Maufant, Sous le Hougue, Pigneaux and La Grande Longueville

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For electoral purposes the Parish of St Brelade has been divided into two districts, as follows.
No. 1 Vingtaines of Noirmont and Le Coin
No. 2 Vingtaines of Les Quennevais and La Moye

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