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Honours and Awards Nominations -Jersey [New Year and Queen's Birthday]( 7.5.0 )


Honours and Awards Nominations - Jersey
New Year and Queen's Birthday


Extent: Jersey
Updated:  14 January 2020



Words you may need to know


Nomination - a suggestion of somebody for appointment or election to a position or for receiving an honour or award

Nominees - the person you are putting forward for the award

Citation - an official document or speech that praises somebody's actions, achievements or character

Emphasis - importance

Adjunct - as well as, additional / extra

Exemplar - an ideal example, as good as can be


Nominations for New Year and Queen's Birthday Honours

How do you nominate someone?

If you think that a person deserves to be honoured by The Queen for services to the Island the first step is to contact the office of the Lieutenant-Governor, at Government House, St. Saviour's Hill, St Saviour JE2 7GH, telephone 441700.

The Secretary or Chief of Staff will be able to advise what you have to do, and what is required of a person for them to be considered for an honour.

All nominations are considered by the Jersey Honours and Awards Committee which sits twice a year and you will be advised when you must send your nomination in by.

As well as filling out the form, you have to write a Citation of no more than 320 words to describe the nominee’s achievements. This does not need to be an essay but needs to include all the person's achievements and to give examples of why they deserve to have an award.

Details about how to make an application and how to fill out the forms can be found on the Government House website: