Faiths ( 7.14.1.L8 )




Extent: Jersey
Updated: 14 January 2020



Words you may need to know


Faith - belief or strongly held set of principles especially without logical proof

Secularist -  the belief that religion and religious bodies should have no part in political or civic affairs or in running public institutions, especially schools



Bahai Faith 
Telephone: 728 817

Jewish Faith
Jewish Congregation, The Synagogue
La Petite Route des Mielles
St Brelade
Telephone 482 429


This is a group for residents of the Island of Jersey who are Humanists or are interested in Humanism to discuss their views and experiences.

A Humanist lives a moral and ethical lifestyle without the need for believing in a supernatural source of guidance or cause for our existence. Most Humanists would say that they are Atheists or, perhaps, Agnostics. They would also be likely to follow the Secularist aim of wanting to keep religion out of politics, education and other public aspects of life.