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7.28.1.L4 / 14.2.5.L3
Jersey Archive

Extent: Jersey
Updated 17 January 2020

Words you may need to know


Archive -  a collection of books, documents, official papers, photographs or recorded material kept for their historical interest

Preserve/ preservation  - make something last

Accessible - easy to get to

Enquiries - questions

Indices/ Index  - a list of items with where to find them

Baptisms - a religious ceremony in which somebody is sprinkled with or put in water to symbolise purity. In some Christian baptisms, the person is named as well as being accepted into the Christian faith.

Censuses - an official count of a population carried out at set intervals

Catalogued - a list of things usually arranged according to subject, title, or author etc

Environmental - relating to your surroundings

Priority - of great importance

Donated - given or presented to someone

Deposited - left for safe keeping

Long term loan – when you lend something for a long time

Conservation - looked after, kept in good order

Restoration - returning something to an earlier and usually better condition eg a painting or building

Fragile - easily damaged or broken



The Jersey Archive was set up in 1993 to collect and preserve records of the States of Jersey, former States Committees and Departments, current departments, ministers, the Royal Court, HE Lieutenant-Governor, Parishes, Churches, Businesses, Societies and individuals, in fact almost anything about Island life.

The Jersey Archive is committed to making the records as accessible as possible. They have a search service (OPAC) to help people find the records they are looking for.


If you are not able to visit Jersey Archive yourself the archive staff will answer written, e-mail or telephone enquiries about records in their care.

Channel Islands Family History Society

The collection of the Channel Islands Family History is available in the reference area of the Jersey Archive. This includes books, family trees and indices of baptisms, marriages, burials and censuses prepared by members of the Society. Volunteers from the Society are often on duty to help visitors researching family history.


Documents are catalogued and carefully packed in acid free materials and stored in the correct environmental conditions. Long term preservation and security of records is a high priority.

Records can be donated or deposited on long term loan, receipts are given. There is no charge for depositing records with the Jersey Archive.

Conservation and restoration

The Jersey Archive has a workshop to provide specialised care to maintain the condition of the collection and to repair items that are too fragile to allow people to use in the Reading Room. Techniques and materials conform to British Standards.

Opening hours

Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
9am - 1pm & 2pm - 5pm

Thursday late night  - until 7pm  (Last Thursday of the month) 

Contact details

Jersey Archive
Clarence Road
St Helier

Telephone +44 (0)1534 833300 

E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.