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States of Jersey Complaints Board (7.1.21.L6)


States of Jersey Complaints Board


Extent:      Jersey
Updated:  21 January 2020



Words you may need to know


Chairperson – person who leads the board

Complaint - a statement which states you are unhappy about a situation

Independent - free from the authority or control of somebody or something else, especially not controlled by another state or organization and able to self-govern.

Enable - make something possible

Reviewed - to examine something to make sure that it is adequate, accurate, or correct

Factual - truthful or accurate

Justify - give a good reason for


States of Jersey Complaints Board

The Complaints Board is an independent panel chosen from individuals proposed by States Members. There are 10 panel members and it includes a Chairperson and two Deputy Chairpersons.

The Administrative Decisions (Review) (Jersey) Law 1982 came into force on 1st January, 1983, and was amended by the Administrative Decisions (Review) (Amendment) (Jersey) Law 1995, and (Amendment N-2) 2006

The purpose of the Law is to enable you or any person who is unhappy with any decision made by or on behalf of a States' Minister, a Department of the States or a Departmental officer to apply to have the matter reviewed by a Complaints Board.

A Board is made up of two people, selected from the Panel by the Chairman, and either the Chairman or one of the Deputy Chairman.

If you wish to have a matter reviewed you may write to -

The Deputy Greffier of the States

States' Greffe

Morier House

St. Helier 


In the letter you should put -

1.     your name and address;

2.     the Minister or Department you are complaining about;

3.     a brief factual statement of the complaint.

The Chairman of the Complaints Board will decide whether the complaint should justify a review by the Board.

You have a right of appeal to the Panel's Deputy Chairman if your appeal for a review is rejected.

  • Although Boards cannot change decisions they can ask Ministers or Department officers to look at them again and review the evidence.

Reports from the Boards are copied to the Privileges and Procedures Committee.

  • Where a Board requests reconsideration of any matter by a Minister or Department officer a copy of their response is forwarded to the Privileges and Procedures Committee.
  • A copy of that response and a copy of any report of a Board on a failure to act on its findings is presented to the States.
  • A leaflet on "How to complain to the States of Jersey Complaints Board" is available from Citizens Advice Jersey. 

    For more information and to download a copy of the law and/or a booklet about the Complaints Board see:-