Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service

Extent: Jersey
Updated 22 November 2018


Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

Telephone: 445030  (9 - 5 Monday to Friday)

CAMHS is a Mental Health assessment and therapeutic service for children, teenagers and their families. The service offers a range of therapeutic interventions to child and families in difficulty and to support, encourage and assist them to reach their maximum potential, using a multi-disciplinary approach based on mutually identified need. The service is also developing a preventative role and is increasingly being asked to give advice concerning normal child rearing. Most of the work by the team is done in the home or in schools.

The team is experienced in helping children, teenagers (up to 18 years) and their parents or carers where there are concerns or worries about their behaviour, emotions or difficulty in relationships. The team also see families who may be experiencing stress.



Any professional within any agency may make a referral. All referrals are dealt with by the multi-disciplinary team at a weekly referral meeting.

Some typical referral examples

behaviour problems
eating disorders
phobias e.g. school, specific phobic conditions
school refusal
self harming/para suicide
family dysfunction
bereavement/grief reactions
chronic fatigue syndrome
psychiatric disorders
psychosomatic disorders

Treatments and therapies

The type or treatment offered follows a holistic assessment of the child and family. They can offer:

family therapy
parent skills training
behavioural intervention
bereavement / grief counselling
marital work
group work
anxiety / stress management
school liaison
individual therapy
cognitive therapy

Sometimes families may feel worried about what kind of service they are being referred to. If this is the case, then the team invite them to contact the unit before coming for their first appointment so that any concerns can be discussed.