Child Accident Prevention (Jersey)

Extent: Jersey

Updated 11 October 2017



Words You May Need to Know


Multi-agency – several groups working together

Prevention – to try and stop something happening

Unintentional – when something is not planned or expected

Risk – the possibility of something bad happening


Child Accident Prevention Jersey, or CAPJ, is a multi-agency group which works very hard in Jersey trying to keep children safe from serious unintentional injury.


The Group was started in 1996 and members come from a number of organisations including Family Nursing & Home Care; Health and Community Services; Community and Constitutional Affairs; Education; Trading Standards; Headway; The Bosdet Foundation and Jersey Child Care Trust.


CAPJ  believes that children need to have fun and to explore but that they also need to learn  how to manage their own risk and stay safe.


CAPJ has all sorts of advice on their website about keeping safe eg:


-          Staying safe about the house

-          Staying safe with dogs

-          Using cycle helmets.


CAPJ also runs many projects and activities in schools including Safety Sam comic talks and ‘Safety in Action Week’.


For more information and some statistics on child safety see:

You can also pick up a CAPJ plastic business card with useful phone numbers on the back! It's free from Family Nursing & Home Care, Pathways or the Emergency Department at the Hospital.  Kindly sponsored by Jersey Electricity.


Contact details:

The Co-Ordinator

Le Bas Centre 
St. Saviour's Road 
St. Helier 

Tel :                 443614   

E-mail :           This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.';document.getElementById('cloak138df1c80340ee761b6527467d85e8ae').innerHTML += ''+addy_text138df1c80340ee761b6527467d85e8ae+'<\/a>';