Bringing an elderly person to live in Jersey



Extent:      Jersey

Updated:   20 December 2018


Words you may need to know

Income Support – a government benefit system

Restriction – rule which limits how something can be done

Reciprocal agreement – an agreement where the parties agree to behave in the same way towards each other and do things in return  

Social housing (‘affordable housing’) – here, accommodation provided by recognised providers eg Andium Homes and the Housing Trusts at below open market rents to households who need support in accessing appropriate accommodation.



Normal housing restrictions apply so if it is possible for the elderly person to live with family or friends this is helpful. However, if the family or friends live in Social Housing there could be a problem and it would be necessary to seek advice from the Social Housing provider before making plans.


The Affordable Housing Gateway




UK pensioners can have their pensions paid to them while they are living in Jersey. The pension will be paid at the normal UK rate. After five years the pensioner can apply to Customer and Local Services to have the Christmas Bonus made up to the Jersey level.



See:                 https://www.gov.je/Health/Travelling/Pages/MovingReturning.aspx

Customer and Local Services should be notified when the elderly person arrives to live in the Island.  After six months they can then apply for a Medical Benefits Card.

For information on doctor’s services for people who have just arrived to live in Jersey please click here.

Some countries have a reciprocal agreement with Jersey meaning that emergency hospital care will be free. For people from countries which do not have a reciprocal health care arrangement medical costs need to be met in full so the person coming to live in Jersey  should make sure that they have health insurance to cover their needs.  Click here for information about which countries have reciprocal arrangements with Jersey.

Nursing Homes, Permanent Illness, Residential Care

Should elderly relatives require residential care the family would be expected to pay.  Income Support is not available until a person has lived in Jersey continuously for five years.

It could be helpful to speak to the Adult Social Work Team before arranging to bring an elderly or infirm relative to Jersey to live.

Telephone:  443500


For further information see: