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Abbeyfield Jersey - sheltered housing ( 8.40.5.L5 )
Ace of Clubs (Rouge Bouillon School) - after school and holiday care ( 8.30.84.L3 )
ADAPT ( 8.22.4.L1 )
Adoption in Jersey ( 8.30.55. )
Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment (8.45.1.L2)
Age Concern ( 8.40.25. )
Amnesty International ( 8.62.4.L2 )
Association of Jersey Charities ( 8.62.0 )
Barnardo's Jersey (8.2.2)
Bereavement counselling and support groups ( 8.45.16. )
Birth details, availability ( 8.30.55.L4 )
Bringing an elderly person to live in Jersey ( 8.40.0.L1 )
British Red Cross Society ( 8.60.1.L3 )
Carers - Respite Care ( 8.34.0.L1 )
Centre Point Trust ( 8.30.84.L2 )
Channel Islands Air Search ( 8.62.3.L27 )
Channel Islands Family History Society ( 8.55.7.L1 )
Charities who collect goods and recycling ( 8.62.1.L4 )
Charity shops ( 8.62.1.L5 )
Child accident prevention (Jersey) ( 8.30.80.L11 )
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service ( 8.30.5.L1 )
Child contact centre (drop-off centre) ( 8.30.40.L3 )
Child protection in Jersey ( 8.30.65.L2 )
Child Support Agency (UK) ( 8.27.10.L9 )
Childcare for Children ( 8.30.80.L7 )
Childline ( 8.30.65.L7 )
Childminding ( 8.30.80.L1 )
Children leaving Home, being left alone, babysitting ( 8.30.5.L5 )
Children's Service ( 8.30. )
Civil Partnerships- [8.18.9]
Collecting for Charity ( 8.62.1.L3 )
Community alarms / Alarms for the elderly - ( 8.40.0.L2 )
Concessions & Benefits for Senior Citizens ( 8.40.25.L4 )
Congratulatory Telemessages from the Queen ( 8.55.3.L6 )
Day Care Centres - Elderly persons ( 8.40.5.L4 )
Dewberry House (8.2.3)
End of Marital Relationship Checklist ( 8.25.1 )
Families Need Fathers ( 8.30.82.L8 )
Family Mediation Jersey ( 8.25.13.L1 )
Fostering ( 8.30.60 )
Gender dysphoria (Trans*, Transgender, Gender Non Conforming) ( 8.14.6 )
Gender Recognition (Jersey) Law 2010- (
Getting married in Jersey ( 8.18.8.L1 )
Good Companions Clubs ( 8.40.25.L5 )
Help an African Schoolchild ( 8.62.4.L5 )
Human bones found ( 8.45.12.L12 )
Information for Charities during COVID-19 ( 8.62.1.L2 )
Jersey Aid for Europe Foundation ( 8.62.3.L39 )
Jersey Association for Youth and Friendship (Hostels for young people) ( 8.62.3.L13 )
Jersey Association of Child Carers ( 8.30.80.L4 )
Jersey Cheshire Homes Foundation (Accommodation for disabled people) ( 8.62.3.L15 )
Jersey Child Care Trust ( 8.30.80. )
Jersey Hospice Care ( 8.62.3.L25 )
Jersey Lifeboat Guild ( 8.62.3.L8 )
Jersey Round Table ( 8.62.3.L26 )
Jersey Women's Refuge ( 8.22.4.L2 )
Lady Taverners and Lord's Taverners ( 8.62.3.L24 )
Maison Des Landes ( 8.34.0.L6 )
Marriage abroad ( 8.18.8.L2 )
Marriage in church - Jersey, Times of ceremonies, Divorced couples - remarriage ( 8.18.8.L3 )
Missing persons / tracing people believed to be in Jersey ( 8.55.10 )
Mother and Toddler Groups - List ( 8.30.84.L8 )
Nannies and Au Pairs ( 8.30.80.L10 )
NSPCC National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Jersey ( 8.30.65.L8 )
Organ Donation ( 8.45.1.L1 )
Out of hours services (10.6.7.L5)
Oxfam Jersey Group ( 8.62.3.L22 )
Parenting Support Services( 8.30.82. )
Parents Support Groups ( 8.30.5.L8 )
Parish sheltered housing ( 8.40.5.L7 )
Paternity testing for parentage assessment ( 8.30.10. )
RAFA - Royal Air Force Association - The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund ( 8.62.3.L29 )
Re-registration of a child's name ( 8.30.32.L3 )
Registered Childcare ( 8.30.84.L1 )
Registration of Births/Marriages/Deaths. Certificates ( 8.55.3. )
Relate Jersey ( 8.25.13. )
Relationships and housing ( 8.28.0. )
Respite care for children ( 8.30.0.L4 )
Rights and responsibilities of children under eighteen ( 8.30.5.L3 )
Rotary Clubs ( 8.62.3.L10 )
Royal British Legion ( 8.60.1.L1 )
Samaritans ( 8.62.3.L16 )
Sanctuary Trust - Men's Shelter (8.18.8.L4)
School holiday - child care ( 8.30.80.L12 )
Setting up a charity in Jersey. To register a charity in Jersey ( 8.62.1.L1 )
Sheltered Homes ( 8.40.5.L2 )
Smacking Ban Law ( 8.30.65.L6 )
Smoke Alarms ( 8.40.0.L9 )
Soroptomist International ( 8.62.3.L4 )
St John Ambulance ( 8.60.1.L7 )
St Pauls Church / Community Centre ( 8.60.1.L2 )
St Vincent de Paul Society ( 8.62.3.L34 )
The Silver Line UK (8.24.7)
Variety Club - Tent 52 (Children's Welfare) ( 8.62.3.L2 )
Video recording classification ( 8.30.1.L2 )
Wooden Spoon Society ( 8.62.3.L35 )
Young People - Proof of Age (8.30.15)


Concessions and Benefits for Senior Citizens

Extent: Jersey
Updated 3 May 2019


Affordable Housing Gateway Accommodation

You are eligible if you have Entitled Status and in receipt of an old age pension and have little or no other income.

Priority given to those people with medical disabilities who require special type of housing, eg ground floor, lift served, specially adapted but who can't afford such accommodation in the private sector.

Parish Sheltered Housing

Reserved for parishioners who have lived in a Parish for a considerable time. Persons who think they might be eligible should apply to their Constable.


The rates from 1st October 2018 are as follows:-

Full Personal Pension £218.96 per week.

Receiving a full pension depends upon your contribution record. However, if you are a woman who has been registered for Social Security purposes in Jersey prior to 1 January 1975 you will be entitled to claim an Old Age Pension on your own contribution record at age 60. To receive a full pension you must have a contribution record of 45 years or more.

Full details are set out in the States of Jersey Booklet SSD10 available from Customer and Local Services. For more information see also Pensions and Retirement

Pension Plus Scheme

Full details of eligibility and what the scheme offers is available here.

Income Support

Income Support is a benefit to provide assistance to households whose income is not enough to cover their basic needs.

For a single adult aged 65 or over, there are various capital and income disregards.

Income Support - Special Payments (Loan not grant)

As well as providing weekly benefit, Income Support can provide a one off payment in a variety of circumstances.  This one off payment is called "Special Payment".

The claimant's household must be in urgent need of the item or service requested, and claims can only be made if the household has no other way of meeting the cost of the item or service. These payments are made as loans and will need to be paid back.

Special Payments will be available to:

  • Households in receipt of Income Support
  • Households that are just outside the normal Income Support eligibility conditions
  • Households that satisfy the income condition and the work condition but the claimant has only been in Jersey for four and a half years
  • Households that satisfy the work condition and the residence condition but the income of the household is above the limit for Income Support by up to 10%.

The items covered by Special Payment are:

  • Essential household furniture or equipment
  • Rental deposit - but there must be a reason for the household to move
  • Removal expenses - but there must be a reason for the household to move
  • Expenses involved in taking up paid employment i.e. clothing, tools, etc.
  • Medical and similar expenses - mainly dental or optical
  • The cost of work necessary to prevent a serious risk to health, safety or welfare - this includes essential repairs to maintain a property wind and watertight
  • Funeral expenses for a member of the household - including repatriation of the body
  • Repatriation of the claimant or a member of the household from Jersey to another country.

Cold Weather Payments

To claim the Cold Weather Bonus you must be eligible for the Food Costs Bonus. In addition there are 3 more requirements to receive the Cold Weather Bonus:

  • on the first day of the cold weather month, your household must include an adult who is 65 or above and is receiving a Jersey old age pension
  • you or your spouse/partner must either own your home or be responsible for a lease - people paying for board or lodgings only will not qualify for the bonus
  • no adult in the household should have received a cold weather payment from Income Support for the cold weather month

If you satisfy these conditions for only some of the months covered by the bonus, you will be able to claim a lower amount based on the months that you are eligible for.

Full details here.

Food Costs [Offset of average GST] Bonus

Available to people who do not pay income tax nor receive income support benefit. At least one adult in the household must have been resident in Jersey for 5 years immediately preceding the date of application for the Bonus.

The rate of bonus for 2018 is £226.95 per household. The bonus can be claimed, after the 1st March, from Customer and Local Services.

Full details here.


If you were born on or before 2 September 1929 you are eligible for a free standard 32-page 10 year passport but if you need to use the express service, you will have to pay the express fee of £38.50.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid is a service provided by the legal profession in Jersey at their expense under which people who can not afford a lawyer or are unable to obtain one, can do so.

The lawyer appointed to act for you will request you to provide a statement of your financial circumstances in order to assess what would be a reasonable fee.

Details on how to apply for Legal Aid are available from Citizens Advice Jersey.

Senior Citizen Concessionary Bus Pass

Senior citizens of pensionable age living in Jersey are entitled to a concessionary travel pass.

This allows free travel on Jersey's bus services.


If you meet either of the following conditions then you are eligible to receive a concessionary travel pass:

  • permanently resident in Jersey and aged 65 or over, or
  • permanently resident in Jersey, aged under 65, and in possession of a Jersey Social Security pension card

All applicants are required to show proof of residence.  Applicants aged 65 or over, and not in possession of a Jersey Social Security pension card, are also required to produce their birth certificate.

Application forms for concessionary travel passes are available from parish halls or at Liberation Station.

Travel Insurance

For Senior Citizens over the age of 85, enquiries can be made with Age Concern Tel: 0800 7350345.

Fort Regent Leisure Centre and Les Quennevais Sports Centre

Senior Citizens do not have to pay an admin fee when applying for an Active card. They also pay reduced membership fees of £31.60 per month or £320.30 for a full year. Pensioners without Active cards will be charged £1.45 if they wish to swim at Les Quennevais Sports Centre.

Arts Centre

Reduced membership for persons of pensionable- Single membership rate of £21, plus 15% off all tickets for promotions/shows organised by the Arts Centre, see Jersey Arts Centre

Opera House

Discounts given for some performances. Check with Box Office before booking.


Discounted ticket prices for persons of pensionable age- See Cineworld Jersey

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

Entry price currently £14.50 for persons of pensionable age on production of Pension Card or Bus Pass.

Jersey Heritage Trust

See the following link


B&Q Queens Road, St Helier have an over 60's concession card entitling the holder to 10% discount on Wednesdays.

Fit Footwear Central - 16-18 Seale Street Telephone 888708- Offer 10% off any adult footwear for customers over 60 years of age when purchased before 3PM. Fit Footwear Central

JFTU-Town & Country, La Grande Route de St Jean, Trinity
10% discount on all stock excluding gas, coal and garden machinery

Vision Express- 20% off complete pair of spectacles if over 60.

Hair Designs, David Place

10% discount on Wednesday afternoons.


La Motte Ford

have an over 60's concession card entitling the holder to 10% discount on servicing, spares and accessories.


Senior Home Service - available from Jersey Telecoms

To be eligible for the Senior Home Service, you need to be over 65 and have:

  • A valid Jersey pension card
  • Access to a JT mobile network signal
  • Not have any other services dependent on a landline, such as an alarm line or broadband.

Full details are on this link:

Boots Advantage Card- More Treats for Over 60s

More Treats for Over 60s

  1. To collect 10 points for every £1 you spend on Boots-branded products every time you shop in store, you will need to be signed up for More Treats for Over 60s and have activated the 10 points offer on your Boots Advantage Card account in store, using the coupon in your welcome letter
  2. Proof of age will be required at the time of activation, such as a driving licence, bus pass or passport
  3. You must present your permanent Boots Advantage Card each time you shop to receive the 10 points offer. The 10 points offer will not be awarded retrospectively
  4. 10 points offer excludes prescription and selected dispensary items, infant milks (up to 6 months), gift cards, Boots Opticians products and services, Boots Hearingcare, Boots Kitchen Appliances, Boots Insurance and Travel Services and Professional discount cards
  5. During special store-wide Boots Advantage Card points events, you will only collect 10 points for every £1 you spend on Boots-branded products. For products and services on points promotions, you will only receive the fixed number of points advertised. No additional points will be collected
  6. Members are also entitled to receive 25% off every pair of complete glasses, from any range at Boots Opticians or D&A practices. This excludes purchases of frame or lens only, ready-made reading glasses, safety eyewear and non-prescription sunglasses. This offer may be used in conjunction with 'buy one pair get additional pairs half price' offer. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other discount

 For more information see