Extent: Jersey
Updated 11 April 2019

Words you may need to know

Crematorium - this is where the burning of bodies takes place.

Cemeteries  - this is where people are buried. They are buried in holes in the ground called graves

Maintenance - keeping up, looking after

Sexton - this is someone tasked and paid to look after a cemetery

Administration - paperwork  

The Crematorium


Westmount Road
St Helier
JE2 3LP Telephone 444880
Contact the Superintendent

Who has responsibility for the Crematorium?

The crematorium comes under the Director of Estates, H&SS, Peter Crill House, Gloucester Street, St Helier. Telephone 442303.

Who should complaints be made to?

At first, any complaints should be made to the Superintendent. If the complaint is really important then it should be referred directly to the Director of Estates, H&SS, Peter Crill House, Gloucester Street, St Helier.

What are the charges?

Age of person

As at September 2015

Child aged under eighteen


Person aged eighteen years or more


Are there any restrictions on the movement of ashes in and out of Jersey?

There are no restrictions on the movement of cremated bodies (ashes) in or out of the Island. See paragraph below on scattering of ashes.

Cemeteries and graves, burial costs

Each Parish or church will have their own charges.  You should check with the one you are going to use.

Burial costs vary throughout the Island depending on the Parish. For example, St Helier charges as at September 2015 were:




1st Burial

£ 327.00

£ 654.00

Exclusive Burial Rights

£ 343.00

£ 686.00

Re - opening normal plot

£ 327.00

£ 654.00

Ashes (1st Burial)

£ 166.00

£ 332.00

Exclusive Burial Rights


£ 342.00

Re - opening ashes plot



Child/Babies plot

No Charge

No Charge


Child/Babies Plot

Parishioner no Charge                         Non – Parishioner no Charge

Jewish Burials

Parishioner Charge: £ 305.00  Non - Parishioner Charge: £305.00


Muslim Burials

Charge £305.00 plus Burial Rights £320.00

Burials other Parishes

Other Parishes digging only (no back fill)                              Charge: £ 230.00

Other Parishes digging and back fill                                       Charge: £ 305.00

Burials for Parish of St. Helier

Overtime charge £ 26.00 per hour/per person (applicable to late burials only).

Monument/Memorial Charge

Parish of St. Helier charge 10% on all NEW monuments being applied for.

Any memorial requests that require an application permit for any work to be carried out on existing memorials will incur an additional administration charge of £26.00.


This link gives the Parish of St Helier information  http://www.sthelier.je/cemeteries

How to find out where someone has recently been buried

You can sometimes get information on where someone who has recently died is buried from the funeral directors who have records going back a number of years. See 8.45.12.L8. For cemeteries in St. Helier, contact Municipal Services on Tel 811811.

The Jewish Cemetery

The Jewish Cemetery is at Westmount Road, St Helier.

Grave maintenance services - commercial

Grave maintenance is carried out by the following local suppliers of memorials:

F J Carter Limited
22 Great Union Road
Tel: 722906

Héritage Memorials
12 Parcq de Pont Marquet
La Petite Route des Mielles
St Brelade
Tel:     01534 746715
Mobile: 07797 727921

Grave maintenance service by cemeteries caretakers.

The sextons of Parish cemeteries will keep grave surrounds cut and tidied, and if asked, will cut grassed plots and trim shrubs on graves.

Scattering of ashes

Ashes may be brought over to Jersey for scattering. No permit or permission is required but out of courtesy the Constable of the Parish should be advised by letter. Ashes may not be scattered within limits of a cemetery, they have to be placed in a wooden casket and buried. The church minister, priest or a funeral director can advise.

At this time every cremation needs to have the permission of the Medical Officer of Health but this is currently being put before the States.