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Registration of death

Extent: Jersey
Updated 11 April 2019

Words you may need to know

Registration - a list or entry into a book

Registrar - the person authorised to carry out that duty

Inquest - this is an enquiry into the nature and cause of death when there are questions outstanding

Fees - charges that have to be paid

Registration of death

Every death in the island must be registered by the Registrar of the parish in which the death took place, within five days from the date of death. If an inquest has been ordered, the period of five days allowed to register a death is extended, and you are given longer. Funeral directors usually register the death.


To actually register a death is free, but to get a certified copy from the register (or death certificate) costs £30. You can get this from the Registrar of the parish in which the death took place.


For list of the Registrars in each parish see 8.55.3 Registration of births / marriages / deaths.