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Abbeyfield Jersey - sheltered housing ( 8.40.5.L5 )
Ace of Clubs (Rouge Bouillon School) - after school and holiday care ( 8.30.84.L3 )
ADAPT ( 8.22.4.L1 )
Adoption in Jersey ( 8.30.55. )
Advance Decision to Refuse Treatment (8.45.1.L2)
Age Concern ( 8.40.25. )
Amnesty International ( 8.62.4.L2 )
Association of Jersey Charities ( 8.62.0 )
Barnardo's Jersey (8.2.2)
Bereavement counselling and support groups ( 8.45.16. )
Birth details, availability ( 8.30.55.L4 )
Bringing an elderly person to live in Jersey ( 8.40.0.L1 )
British Red Cross Society ( 8.60.1.L3 )
Carers - Respite Care ( 8.34.0.L1 )
Centre Point Trust ( 8.30.84.L2 )
Channel Islands Air Search ( 8.62.3.L27 )
Channel Islands Family History Society ( 8.55.7.L1 )
Charities who collect goods and recycling ( 8.62.1.L4 )
Charity shops ( 8.62.1.L5 )
Child accident prevention (Jersey) ( 8.30.80.L11 )
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service ( 8.30.5.L1 )
Child contact centre (drop-off centre) ( 8.30.40.L3 )
Child protection in Jersey ( 8.30.65.L2 )
Child Support Agency (UK) ( 8.27.10.L9 )
Childcare for Children ( 8.30.80.L7 )
Childline ( 8.30.65.L7 )
Childminding ( 8.30.80.L1 )
Children leaving Home, being left alone, babysitting ( 8.30.5.L5 )
Children's Service ( 8.30. )
Civil Partnerships- [8.18.9]
Collecting for Charity ( 8.62.1.L3 )
Community alarms / Alarms for the elderly - ( 8.40.0.L2 )
Congratulatory Telemessages from the Queen ( 8.55.3.L6 )
Dewberry House (8.2.3)
End of Marital Relationship Checklist ( 8.25.1 )
Family Mediation Jersey ( 8.25.13.L1 )
Fostering ( 8.30.60 )
Gender Recognition (Jersey) Law 2010- (
Help an African Schoolchild ( 8.62.4.L5 )
Human bones found ( 8.45.12.L12 )
Information for Charities during COVID-19 ( 8.62.1.L2 )
Jersey Association for Youth and Friendship (Hostels for young people) ( 8.62.3.L13 )
Jersey Women's Refuge ( 8.22.4.L2 )
Lady Taverners and Lord's Taverners ( 8.62.3.L24 )
Maison Des Landes ( 8.34.0.L6 )
Marriage abroad ( 8.18.8.L2 )
Marriage in church - Jersey, Times of ceremonies, Divorced couples - remarriage ( 8.18.8.L3 )
Missing persons / tracing people believed to be in Jersey ( 8.55.10 )
Out of hours services (10.6.7.L5)
Paternity testing for parentage assessment ( 8.30.10. )
RAFA - Royal Air Force Association - The Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund ( 8.62.3.L29 )
Registration of Births/Marriages/Deaths. Certificates ( 8.55.3. )
Relate Jersey ( 8.25.13. )
Relationships and housing ( 8.28.0. )
Rights and responsibilities of children under eighteen ( 8.30.5.L3 )
Royal British Legion ( 8.60.1.L1 )
Sanctuary Trust - Men's Shelter (8.18.8.L4)
Setting up a charity in Jersey. To register a charity in Jersey ( 8.62.1.L1 )
Sheltered Homes ( 8.40.5.L2 )
The Silver Line UK (8.24.7)
Variety Club - Tent 52 (Children's Welfare) ( 8.62.3.L2 )
Video recording classification ( 8.30.1.L2 )

Missing persons / tracing people believed to be in Jersey ( 8.55.10 )



Missing persons / tracing people


Extent:       Jersey

Updated:   20 December 2018


Words you may need to know

Trace – here, to find

Electoral Register – list of people registered to vote

Investigator – someone who carries out an inquiry; tries to find out the facts about something

Parish rates – money paid each year to the parish by owners and occupiers of land in the parish

Superintendent Registrar – senior Registrar and head of the office of the Superintendent Registrar

Research – when someone spends time looking for or studying something

Extract – a part of something

Reference – a number or means of identifying something



If you are looking for someone in Jersey there are a number of things you can do:

Jersey Telephone Directory

This is normally the first place to check. However, if you do not live in Jersey your local    library should have all the telephone directories for Great Britain. If you have internet  access you can check the Jersey Telephone Directory online by visiting

Jersey Evening Post

You can place an advertisement in the Personal column of the Jersey Evening Post asking for either the person who you are looking for or anyone knowing that person to contact you.

Jersey Evening Post

PO Box 582




Classified Advertising Department

Telephone: 01534 611711

 Fax: 01534 611699

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Private investigators

If you wish to use the services of a private investigator a list of these can be found in the Jersey Telephone Directory Yellow Pages.


Electoral Registers

These can be found in the appropriate parish hall and in the Reference Library. The Reference Library is unable to search the registers for people so anyone living outside Jersey would need to write to each of the parishes to ask them to check their records. see


Parish Rate Lists

These can be found in the appropriate parish hall and in the Reference Library. The Reference Library is unable to search the registers for people so anyone living outside Jersey would need to write to each of the parishes to ask them to check their records.

Customer and Local Services

In certain circumstances Customer and Local Services will forward mail to people who live in Jersey. The letter should be unsealed so it can be checked to ensure that it is not malicious, abusive, threatening etc.

It should have a covering letter giving the missing person's name (as full as possible), date of birth or approximate age. The more detail that can be provided the better. Customer and Local Services will check their records and if there is a 'close match' they will forward the letter.

Send the letters to:

Contributions Section

Customer and Local Services

PO Box 55

Philip Le Feuvre House

La Motte Street

St Helier

Jersey JE4 8PE


Registrar of Births, Marriages and Deaths

Note: The Registry is not to be used as a way of tracing people who are believed to be alive.

Superintendent Registrar

10 Royal Square

St Helier




Tel: 441335

The Superintendent Registrar holds the registers of births, deaths and non-Anglican marriages registered by the Registrars of the twelve Parishes from 1842 to the current year, and records of Anglican marriages registered by the Rectors and Vicars from various dates up to the current year.

For all enquiries email:     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



-          If you do not have the reference and research is required the fee for searching a Birth, Death or Marriage is £20 per hour or part of an hour. 


-          If you can supply the name/s, parish and date or the index references, the fee for

supplying an extract from the records is £20 per certificate. 

Fees for extracts and research are payable by Sterling cheque made out in favour of ‘Treasurer of the States’ and drawn on a British bank, International Money Order, Bankers Draft in Sterling & drawn on a British bank or by British Postal Order.  

Please include postage and handling fee: UK £2.00, Europe/Rest of world £3.00.  The office does not have card or direct bank payment facilities.


Copies of death certificates are available from the Superintendent Registrar from one year after the death. Prior to this it is from the parish registrar.

Copy death certificates are available immediately after the Parish registrar has registered the death. Copies are available from the Superintendent Registrar & not the Parish Registrar.  

The Office of the Superintendent Registrar cannot supply copies if an inquest has been ordered as this delays registration of a death until the inquest findings have concluded.

Research for family history or genealogy

Research fees are payable to the Superintendent Registrar for searching for entries in the records.

Persons missing outside of Jersey

The Jersey Police might be able to assist by starting enquiries through Interpol or other agencies. This would be when a person has 'unexpectedly' gone missing as opposed to tracing a person with whom somebody has 'lost touch'.


The Advisernet service 'Missing Persons' has information, especially when wishing to contact a person who is NOT living in Jersey. This information item gives full details of organisations who can assist in finding missing people.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office

Telephone: 020 7008 1500. If they are given the name of the missing person they would be able to search their computer files. Any persons involved in accidents or crimes abroad will be reported to the British Embassy, Consul or High Commission in that country and after that to the Foreign Office.