Citizens Advice Bureau Jersey

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1.4.5.L6 Public Printing and Internet Access including Jersey Library

Extent: Jersey
Updated 22 May 2017

States of Jersey Library. Halkett Place

General information

1.  Full details of services offered at the Jersey Library can be found on their website.

Other Internet access points, e-mail etc on a fee paying basis

2.  Access to the Internet and e-mail can be accessed from:

  • Mailfast. 9 Charing Cross, St Helier, near Sand Street Car Park. Telephone 610169
  • Jersey Pottery Cafe 5,Colomberie, St Helier. Telephone 876005
  • Elizabeth Harbour, there is a coin-operated machine with a keyboard for accessing the Internet and for checking and sending e-mails. The charge is £1 for ten minutes.
  • Post Office - Broad Street, St Helier

Cyber cafes

3. Café Jac - Arts Centre, Phillips Street, St Helier

Three terminals, high speed access

7.30am to 10.30pm

50p per 15 minutes

4. Le Crunch Cafe
The Bridge,
Le Geyt Road
St Saviour

Open 8am to 5pm

Internet cafe. Customers who buy food or a drink can use one of the computers free of charge or, alternatively, they can pay 50p and use the computer for 30 minutes.