British Red Cross Society - Jersey Committee

Extent: Jersey
June 1999
Updated 10 August 2021

British Red Cross' new Connecting Communities service is now available to all adults across Jersey who meet the criteria.  Please click here for the referral form.

Whether someone is feeling lonely and doesn’t know where to turn for a friendly chat, or they’re isolated from the community and struggling to cope with the demands of life which may have been made worse by Covid-19, British Red Cross can help.

Support is available to help connect or reconnect individuals with their community via community connectors.

 To find out more please see flyer attached or contact Theresa Radiguet This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


For full details of what the British Red Cross does, please click here - http://www.jod.je/kb5/jersey/directory/service.page?id=suNAh1nLn8s&adultchannel=0