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Health cards


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Updated:  December 2018




Words you may need to know


Back- date -  to enter a date which is earlier than the day which a document is being completed  ( eg the date is 10th May but the date is recorded on the document as 12th April)


Entitled – allowed to have; satisfy the rules to get something


Evidence – proof


Prescription – a document from the doctor to give to a chemist for prescribed medication


Register – sign up; put your name down on a record or list for something


Social Security contribution - by law everyone who lives and works in Jersey is required to pay social security contributions (unless they are exempt). People who are employed have  ‘Class 1’ contributions deducted from their wages and people who work for themselves (self-employed) have to pay their own ‘Class 2’ contributions from their earnings


Subsidised – when some of the cost of something is paid by someone (here, government pays part of the cost of a doctor’s visit)  




What is a health card?


Once you have lived in Jersey for 6 months or more and you have paid any Social Security contributions that are due, you will be entitled to a health card which allows you to visit a doctor at a subsidised rate and to get subsidised free prescriptions. The period of 6 months starts from the day you register with Customer and Local Services ( see below)


The date you arrive in the island cannot be back-dated without evidence so it is important that you go to Customer and Local Services as soon as you can once you have arrived in Jersey.




If you are a French national, you can have a health card as soon as you arrive. This is due to a health agreement that exists between Jersey and France.


For more detail see:




Registering with Customer and Local Services


If you are new to Jersey, you will need to register with Customer and Local Services. They are responsible for issuing registration cards, health cards and all benefit claims.


Why it’s important to register as soon as you arrive


You need to register as soon as possible because you must have a social security number and registration card before you can work and be paid.


Both you and your employer will be breaking the law if you are employed for more than 2 working days, or you are paid any wages or salary, without your employer taking a copy of your social security number and photo identification ( ‘photo ID’).


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Contact details for Customer and Local Services:


Philip Le Feuvre House, La Motte Street, St Helier.


Telephone:   01534 445505


Fax:              01534 445525


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