Unemployment - Social Security contributions credits / Small Income Exception

Extent: Jersey
Updated 20 December 2018

Contribution Credits

1. When made unemployed through redundancy from full time employment, application for Social Security Contribution Credits must be made to the Work Zone at Customer and Local Services within four weeks. The unemployed person must then register each week. The credits will then be made for up to twenty six weeks, provided that proof that they are actively seeking work is maintained. Income Support claimants will be assigned a Job Coach. If not in receipt of Income Support, evidence of job seeking produced at the counter will suffice.

2. For the first twenty six weeks the unemployed person will be able to look for work in the area of their choice, but after thirteen weeks they must seek to pursue any realistic job opportunities that fall within their skills set and ability.

3. Registration is subject to residence in Jersey for the previous twelve months and being available for full-time work. They should have had class 1 contributions above the threshold, prior to becoming unemployed. Credits may then be made.

Waiving contributions

4. Contributions will be waived only from the date of registration to a maximum of twenty-six weeks, but each case taken on its merits.


5. Self-employed persons cannot receive credits, but they should still sign on with Employment Services and their individual circumstances will be discussed.

Incomplete contribution records and pension rights

6. If a person has not made contributions for two years then their retirement pension may be liable to a reduction of 5%. However, it is their overall record of payments which is taken into account when they reach pension age and no deduction is made if their record is 94% or more.

Earnings below threshold

7. If employed eight hours a week a person is considered employed and will have to pay their own contributions until earnings reach 'lower threshold'.

YEAR Jan 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008     2009   2010  2011 2012
PER MONTH £609 £630 £663 £685 £717    £748   £770  £776 £796

Small Income Exception

8.  Application can be made for exception from paying Class 2 contributions, but income needs to be quite low. A person may be excepted from liability to pay Class 2 Contributions if -

The total income for the relevant tax year (two years ago) was less than: £9,240 in 2010.

Clients wishing to claim Small Income Exception should apply in person at Customer and Local Services. The effects on future entitlement will be explained.
Redundancy payments

9.  Customer and Local Services Employer's Guide (SSDI) states that 'where an employee received a lump sum following redundancy, then no deduction of contributions should be made'.

10. A person who has received a Redundancy Payment should register with Employment Services within four weeks of becoming unemployed and their contributions will be credited for the period of unemployment. A person who accepts voluntary redundancy is not entitled to contribution credits.

Periods of unemployment following Class 1 employment

11. Should you be made redundant, following Class 1 employment (ie employed by an employer), you will have your Contributions credited for the period of unemployment provided that you -

12. You will not receive Contribution Credits if you -