Social Security Contributions

Extent: Jersey
Updated 20 December 2018

Words you may need to know


Unemployed - not working

Contribution - payment

Retirement- the legal age when you can stop work and not have to pay your contributions

Liable - something you have to do or give

Qualify - you may be entitled or able to have something

Separation - someone who leaves and no longer lives with their husband/ wife; they are separated.

Credits - this is a break in payment that can be given to you if you meet certain conditions

Pensionable age - this is the age set by Government when you can get your pension.

Claimant- the person who is claiming

Awarded - given

Incapacity benefit - a benefit given when you are unable to work through ill health

Maternity benefit - a benefit given to a mother when she is pregnant and having a baby

Survivor - the person left behind (Survivor’s benefit, the partner of the person who died)

Dispensation -  this is a special allowance


Married Women Option

Before 2001, a woman who was married could opt not to pay contributions but a new law came in on 1st April 2001 which makes men and women equal when paying Social Security Contributions. Women who married after 1st April 2001 or who first come into the Jersey Social Security system after 1st April 2001 now have to pay and need to keep up their contribution record so they qualify for a full retirement pension.


To qualify for the Married Woman's Option of not paying Social Security contributions you have to be able to show: