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Maternity Benefit / Maternity Allowance  9.8.12



Maternity benefit / Maternity allowance


Extent:      Jersey

Updated:   December 2018


Words you may need to know

Contribution  -   something given towards something.

Contribution record – money that is deducted from a person’s wages by their employer and paid into a government fund to be used for the payment of benefits eg Maternity Benefit

Quarter – for contribution purposes the year is divided into 3 month periods known as ‘quarters’:     January/March; April/June; July/September; October/December 

Scale rate -  a method by which the amount of money to be paid out is calculated


What is the Maternity Grant?

The Maternity Grant is a single (tax free) payment to help with the general cost of having a baby.

For details of the Maternity benefit and the eligibility conditions that apply see:


What is Maternity Allowance?

For details of the benefit and allowances see :

Maternity Allowance is paid weekly to help you take time off work to have a baby. The allowance is payable for up to 18 weeks and is paid directly into your bank account.

How to claim Maternity Allowance

Your doctor or midwife will give you an application form.

To claim the allowance, you must have paid contributions at some point 12 to 15 months before your baby is due. The website explains how to work out if you qualify.

The website also provides information about:

-          Restrictions on claiming Maternity Allowance​​

-          Working and claiming Maternity Allowance

-          Babies born early

-          Babies born after their due dates

-          Giving birth in another country

-          Having twins or more and claiming Maternity Allowance

-          Maintaining your contribution record while claiming the allowance

-          Claiming a higher allowance for your husband or partner

If a person who is receiving Maternity Allowance moves to the UK they should notify Customer and Local Services. The Department will arrange to forward the weekly cheque to the person’s new address. Cheques will have to be paid into a bank account as there are no facilities to cash them outside of Jersey.


Further information is available from Customer and Local Services: 

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