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Survivor's Benefits


Extent:     Jersey


Updated:  December 2018




 Words you may need to know


Credit - something that is given, in this case social security contributions paid by government


Contribution record - by law everyone living in Jersey is required to pay social security contributions (unless they are exempt). A list of a person’s contributions is kept by Customer and Local Services on the person’s Contributions Record.  


Survivor - a person who is still living after someone else has died


 Survivor's Benefits


There are two benefits that may be paid by Customer and Local Services when a person’s husband or wife (spouse) or civil partner dies. These are Survivor’s Allowance and Survivor’s pension.


The amount of Survivor’s Benefit you receive is based on the contribution record of your spouse or civil partner.


For detailed information about these benefits and how they are paid see


 Survivor's Allowance


This benefit is paid for the first 52 weeks after a spouse or civil partner has died.


 There are some conditions that must be met before Survivor’s Allowance can be claimed. The conditions are on the website but they include that :


-          you were married to your husband/wife or were in a civil partnership with your partner when they died


-          either you, or your spouse or civil partner was under 65 on the day of his or her death.


The amount paid is calculated at 20% above the standard benefit rate.


A survivor’s contribution record has credits awarded for the 52 week period.


 Survivor's pension


In some cases, Survivor's Pension is paid after the first 52 weeks.




You are likely to qualify for Survivor's Pension if:  


-          you meet all the requirements for Survivor's Allowance


-          you are under pension age


-          either you have a dependent child OR or you were born on or before 31 December 1957


 Re-marriage and Co-habitation


Survivor's Benefit cannot be paid if the person who receives it re-marries or enters a civil partnership or is in a relationship with another person that is like marriage or civil partnership.


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